The Blacklist

Red Knows Pepper, But What About Salt And Spinderella?

And other not-so-burning questions about The Blacklist's many mysteries. 2014.10.21S02.E05

Strap On That Tinfoil Hat, Lizzie

The Blacklist gets Liane thinking about other, better narratives. 2014.10.14S02.E04

Coming Straight From The Diseased And Possibly Misshapen Heart

Liz is starting to get the hang of this shades-of-grey thing, except not. 2014.10.07S02.E03

The Tooth And Nothing But The Tooth

Mary-Louise Parker isn't getting yanked around for long. 2014.09.30S02.E02

'You Know What, NBC? Pay Me In Cash.'

Which guest actress does The Blacklist waste most egregiously in its season premiere? 2014.09.23S02.E01

EHG 42: The Fall Guys

John Ramos returns to talk about the fall shows we're excited for...and the ones that make us nervous. 2014.09.16

A Whole Lot Of Not Much

The Blacklist's season finale is pretty much what you'd expect. Is Mark on board for Season 2? 2014.05.13S01.E22

Liz And Tom's Viciously Twisted Marriage Makes The Blacklist Must-See TV

Who's going to crack first and start punching? Mark can barely handle the suspense! 2014.04.01S01.E18

Whoa! A Perfectly Blacklist-y Blacklist!

And all it took was Campbell Scott. 2014.01.28S01.E13

Jolene, I'm Begging Of You, Please Don't Assassinate My Man

Does The Blacklist have room for a second mole? 2014.01.21S01.E12

Be Very Quiet…I'm Killing Rabbits

How Blacklist-y is quasi-justifiable homicide? 2014.01.14S01.E10

The Calls Are Coming From Near Your House!

The Blacklist drops some surveillance bombs. 2013.12.03S01.E10

The Bloods And The Crypt

How Blacklist-y is improvised surgery? 2013.11.26S01.E09

William Sadler Just Can’t Tell His Daughter The Truth

This Homeland guest has been spreading falsehoods on all the procedurals. 2013.11.18S03.E08

Daddy Ain't Daddy

And we just learned a lot about Red. 2013.11.12S01.E08

EHG Mini: Cast Replacements

The good and the bad of the ol' character switcheroo. 2013.11.08

Red Hot Hat Dogs! Get Your Red Hot Hat Dogs Here!

The Blacklist leans into its favorite symbols. 2013.11.05S01.E07

EHG Mini: Show Anchors

In today's Extra Credit mini we were asked to identify those show anchors that weigh down otherwise enjoyable series. 2013.11.01

How Blacklist-y Is An Underwater Nuke?

Spoiler: pretty Blacklist-y. 2013.10.29S01.E06

Bad Guys Looove Caracas

Which TV shows will be sending their villains to Venezuela next? 2013.10.16

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