The Blacklist

Premiere Coverage, Programming Your Weekend, And Foley Artistry

What to watch, what didn't GET watched, and your favorite Scott Foley role in Lunch And A Show. 2015.10.02

The Blacklist Goes Blonde!

Liz and Red are still on the run, but that doesn't stop Liz from taking time for a kicky new look! 2015.10.02S03.E01

It's Not So Good To Be The Keen

Infected, framed, incarcerated, poked, shot at, chased, taunted -- the season finale really puts Liz through the wringer. 2015.05.15S02.E22

When You Karakurt Enough To Send The Very Best

What do you get the guy who has everything? A deadly virus tailor-made for him! Really. You shouldn't have. 2015.05.08S02.E21

Summer Fun, In And Out Of The Sun

5 TV series streaming on Hulu that can help you have the best summer ever! 2015.05.06

A Tisket, A Tasket, A Surprise Inside A Casket

Is that a potentially deadly terrorist attack in your coffin, or are you just happy to see me? 2015.05.01S02.E20

Necessary Surgery

Will Red Reddington survive the sniper attack? Of course! Will Tom ever get rid of his SS tattoo? The jury is still out! 2015.04.24

Cruz Control

A sexy master of disguise kicks The Blacklist's wig game up a notch. 2015.04.03S02.E18

Hands Up If You're A Dick

Everyone on The Blacklist is such a dick, Red should consider calling it The Dicklist. 2015.03.27S02.E17

Once Upon A Tom In America

To keep Liz from going to jail for murder, Red needs to get Tom back to the U.S. -- or does he? 2015.03.20S02.E16

Clip Service

Feeling a little lost while watching The Blacklist? Maybe this thinly disguised clip show will help bring you up to speed! 2015.03.13S02.E15

Auction Figures

Red gets sold, Liz goes undercover, and Tom returns…only this time he's a Nazi! 2015.03.06S02.E14

Shot Through The Heart And You're To Blame

Why exactly is a bow-and-arrow-toting serial killer on The Blacklist? Even the task force is stumped! 2015.02.27S02.E13

Armageddon Too Old For This

Turns out The Blacklist is a family show…a feral-family-of-abandoned-boys show. 2015.02.20S02.E12

Oily Business

Red goes a little green and Liz has (dead) body issues. 2015.02.13S02.E11

Misty Fulcrum-Colored Memories

Of the way Red and Liz were. 2015.02.06S02.E10

Factory-Fresh Post-Super Bowl Mayhem

Red meets the deadliest Blacklist-er since the last deadliest Blacklist-er he met. 2015.02.02S02.E09

No, Seriously This Time! THIS Big Secret Is The Biggest Secret Of All!

The Blacklist pulls rugs from underneath us until it ruins the hardwood floor. 2014.11.11S02.E08

The Female Agent Has Two Faces

On The Blacklist, Navabi is basically the cooler version of Keen. 2014.11.04S02.E07

Be Vewy Vewy Qwiet. I'm Hunting Cwichés.

This episode of The Blacklist is still pretty good, even if we've seen it before. 2014.10.28S02.E06

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