The Bastard Executioner

Get The Baroness Off The Bastard Executioner...

...And onto a much better show of her own. It's a revolutionary take on The Pierce: The Anti-Pierce! 2015.09.29S01.E04

EHG 89: It's The Most TV-ful Time Of The Year!

Jeff Drake joins us for a roundtable discussion of what most and least excites us on TV this fall. 2015.09.29

The Bastard Executioner Should Have Made Katey Bar The Door

An enduring TV star deserves better material than an overdone witch-doctor with a Dracula accent. Blah! 2015.09.22S01.E03

Should You Hang With The Bastard Executioner?

A new hero from the creator of Sons Of Anarchy Wales on his enemies. 2015.09.15S01.E01


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