The Bachelorette: S11

Someone On The Bachelorette Is 'The World's Biggest Joke'...But Who?!

Bachelorette Kaitlyn dispenses her final rose. 2015.07.28S11.E12

The Men Tell All, And Chris Harrison Reads Sexually Lurid Hate Mail Aloud

It's time for The Bachelorette's cherished annual tradition of allowing the men to tell all! But will they tell ALL, or only some? And how much of it should you watch? Let us guide you! 2015.07.21S11.E11

The Bachelorette's Crazyfaces Meet The Parents

And sisters, and brothers, and aunts. Crazily. 2015.07.14S11.E10

Driving The Fakes Out Of Ireland

In case the entire country of Ireland didn't hate us enough already, The Bachelorette is STILL there, shaming us. This week, Kaitlyn's down to three men, and she's meeting two of their families! Let us tell you what to skip and what to watch. 2015.07.14S11.E10

The Bachelorette Goes Crazyface In Cork

When people aren't bawling, they're licking their lips -- a very dehydrated episode! 2015.07.07S11.E09

More Of The Bachelorette's Boys Fail To Find Kaitlyn's Pot Of Gold

Kaitlyn and her passel of men continue to run amok in Ireland on The Bachelorette. Yes: still. 2015.07.07S11.E09

Kissing The Crazy Stone

Crazyfaces continue crazying up the Emerald Isle. 2015.06.30S11.E08

The Rose (Ceremony) Of Tralee

The Bachelorette crew continues to sully the green hills of Ireland. What parts, if any, are worth watching? 2015.06.30S11.E08

Erin Go Crazy

The crazyfaces go overseas to crazy up Dublin! 2015.06.23S11.E07

Finnegans (Fake) Wake

The Bachelorette circus jets off to Ireland for step dancing, practice wakes, and sexual regret. Which parts are worth your while? 2015.06.23S11.E07

Don't Mess With Crazyface

Just kidding! That's what it's for. 2015.06.16S11.E06

Ay Yi Yi Yi, Kaitlyn Y No Llores

The Bachelorette jets off to San Antonio for kayaking and two-stepping, all topped off with a healthy glob of cultural insensitivity. What bits should you watch this week? 2015.06.16S11.E06

The Crazy Apple

Crazyfaces go on the road to New York City! 2015.06.09S11.E05

A Whole New Turd

On The Bachelorette, the men compete in a rap battle and a Broadway show, and Nick Viall returns for a second fifteen minutes of fame. What can you safely fast-forward? 2015.06.09S11.E05

Kids See The Craziest Things

The crazyfaces come out to play for sumo wrestling, a locked-room challenge, and a sex ed 'prank' with no payoff. 2015.06.02S11.E04

'I Can't Participate In This Circus Anymore'

On The Bachelorette, multiple men are sent packing, and one man sends himself packing, amidst sumo wrestling, haunted basements, and fake sex-ed classes. How much of it should you watch? 2015.06.02S11.E04

The Bachelorette Brings Us Crazy Balboas

And An Evening Of Crazy At The Improv, and underwater crazy. 2015.05.26S11.E03

'Sometimes I Feel Like I'm Too Smart For, Like, 90% Of The Audience'

Week 2 of The Bachelorette lets fly with with boxing, underwater photography, standup 'comedy,' and drunken accusations. 2015.05.26S11.E03

'There's Only One Drinking Fountain, And We All Must Stand In The Same Line.'

The Bachelorette season premiere limps on into a second night of boringness; should you even bother DVR-ing? 2015.05.20S11.E02

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