The Bachelorette: S10

The SAnd(i)s Of Time

On the long-awaited Bachelorette finale, Andi does some good ol' fashioned dumpin'. Should you watch the carnage? 2014.07.29S10.E11

Of Mice Andi Men

The rejects from The Bachelorette gather to embarrass themselves, us. Is any of it worth bothering with? 2014.07.22S10.E10

It's FAndisy Suite Week!

The Bachelorette gets down and dirty with at least two of her remaining dudes. Should you spend two hours finding out which ones, or lead a productive, interesting life instead? 2014.07.15S10.E09

Home Andi Away

The men bring Andi home to meet their families, and the memory of Eric Hill is summoned one more time for totally non-gross reasons. 2014.07.08S10.E08

Andi Ghent Your Gun

The Bachelorette continues to destroy Europe-U.S. relations in Belgium. Is any of it worth watching? 2014.07.01S10.E07

Romeo Andi Juliet

The Bachelorette heads to Italy for pigeons, lie detector tests, and tears. Is it worth your time? 2014.06.24S10.E06

La Vie Andi Rose

In France, The Bachelorette stays well away from stereotypes and indulges in miming, frog-legs, and baguettes. Should you watch? 2014.06.17S10.E05

We've Come To The Andi Of The Road (Except Not Really)

The Bachelorette dabbles in Boyz II Men, old person makeup, and man drama, but is any of it worth your time? (Spoiler: nope!) 2014.06.02S10.E03

Andi We're Off To The Races!

The Bachelorette continues with stripping, horses, and helicopters, not in that order. Is any of it worth watching? 2014.05.27S10.E02

Pomp Andi Circumstance

The Bachelorette returns for a tenth terrible installment, starring Andi, Juan Pablo's season MVP. Stephanie Green tells you how much you can skip (almost all of it). 2014.05.20S10.E01


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