The Bachelorette: S09

After The Craziest Face

Capping off the season with one last round of crazy-ass mugs. 2013.08.06S09.E12

Des Miserables

The Bachelorette's journey ends not with a bang. Well, maybe one. Should you bother watching? 2013.08.06S09.E11

Crazy From The Heat

The Bachelorette takes its crazyfaces to the tropical Caribbean. 2013.07.30S09.E10

Brooksing No Dissent

How much of the first half of the Bachelorette finale must you watch to see if it lives up to the hype? 2013.07.30S09.E10

The Crazies Face All

A collection of the craziest faces from The Bachelorette's 'The Men Tell All' time-waster. 2013.07.23S09.E09

The Men Snipe At Each Other Like Any Of This Really Matters

What to watch and what to skip in The Bachelorette's 'The Men Tell All.' 2013.07.23S09.E09

Hometown Crazies

One thing's for sure: this was the most dramatic rose ceremony of this stupid season. 2013.07.16S09.E08

Hometown Gory

It's Hometowns Week! Did The Bachelorette adjust the pace enough to bother watching? 2013.07.16S09.E08

Madfaced In Madeira

Collecting the crazyfaces of The Bachelorette Episode 7. 2013.07.09S09.E07

'We Need More Adjectives'

Boiling down the latest episode of The Bachelorette to its essentials. 2013.07.09S09.E07

Crazy Of Spain

The Bachelorette takes its crazyfaces to Barcelona. Olé! 2013.07.02S09.E06

Bienvenidos A Barcelona, Idiotas!

Zak has too many abs, James is not a giant peach, and Drew is a dweeb. Should you watch this week's Bachelorette? 2013.07.02S09.E06

Crazy In Munich

Collecting the craziest faces from The Bachelorette Episode 5. 2013.06.25S09.E05

So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye

The Bachelorette storms Germany. Sprachen Sie fast-forward? 2013.06.25S09.E04

Crazyfaces Go Down The Shore

Collecting the craziest faces of Episode 4. 2013.06.18S09.E04

Desiree Heals New Jersey With Her Love

But how much attention do you really need to pay? We break it down. 2013.06.18S09.E04

Bit Dodgy

It's a competition within a competition, and a chance for everyone to make some really crazy faces. 2013.06.11S09.E03

It's Not Called Let's Make Friends

Nor is it called 'Deadly Dodgeball,' either of which would have been less boring than this episode. Should you bother watching? 2013.06.11S09.E03

Don't Dance Like Nobody's Watching If You Know People Are

And other lessons you can learn from the craziest faces of Episode 2. 2013.06.04S09.E02

Here For The Worst Reasons

Starting with a collective inability to rap. Should you watch? Our commentator fast-forwards you through it. 2013.06.04S09.E02

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