The Bachelorette

Bienvenidos A Barcelona, Idiotas!

Zak has too many abs, James is not a giant peach, and Drew is a dweeb. Should you watch this week's Bachelorette? 2013.07.02S09.E06

Crazy In Munich

Collecting the craziest faces from The Bachelorette Episode 5. 2013.06.25S09.E05

So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye

The Bachelorette storms Germany. Sprachen Sie fast-forward? 2013.06.25S09.E04

A Partial List Of Upcoming Chris Harrison Branded Products

The Bachelor/ette host has a book deal, a wine, a men's clothing line, and a dating app. What's next? 2013.06.25

Crazyfaces Go Down The Shore

Collecting the craziest faces of Episode 4. 2013.06.18S09.E04

Desiree Heals New Jersey With Her Love

But how much attention do you really need to pay? We break it down. 2013.06.18S09.E04

Bit Dodgy

It's a competition within a competition, and a chance for everyone to make some really crazy faces. 2013.06.11S09.E03

It's Not Called Let's Make Friends

Nor is it called 'Deadly Dodgeball,' either of which would have been less boring than this episode. Should you bother watching? 2013.06.11S09.E03

Don't Dance Like Nobody's Watching If You Know People Are

And other lessons you can learn from the craziest faces of Episode 2. 2013.06.04S09.E02

Here For The Worst Reasons

Starting with a collective inability to rap. Should you watch? Our commentator fast-forwards you through it. 2013.06.04S09.E02

The Craziest Faces Of The Bachelorette

Desiree's Journey Begins: a story in twenty-something crazyfaces. 2013.05.28S09.E01

'Cinderella In The Flesh'

Cut the Bachelorette cheese down to a manageable length with our Watch/Skip Index. 2013.05.28S09.E01


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