The Bachelorette

Romeo Andi Juliet

The Bachelorette heads to Italy for pigeons, lie detector tests, and tears. Is it worth your time? 2014.06.24S10.E06

La Vie Andi Rose

In France, The Bachelorette stays well away from stereotypes and indulges in miming, frog-legs, and baguettes. Should you watch? 2014.06.17S10.E05

War Andi Peace

The Bachelorette heads to Connecticut for rappelling, basketball, and tears. Should you watch? 2014.06.03

We've Come To The Andi Of The Road (Except Not Really)

The Bachelorette dabbles in Boyz II Men, old person makeup, and man drama, but is any of it worth your time? (Spoiler: nope!) 2014.06.02S10.E03

Andi We're Off To The Races!

The Bachelorette continues with stripping, horses, and helicopters, not in that order. Is any of it worth watching? 2014.05.27S10.E02

Pomp Andi Circumstance

The Bachelorette returns for a tenth terrible installment, starring Andi, Juan Pablo's season MVP. Stephanie Green tells you how much you can skip (almost all of it). 2014.05.20S10.E01

Rejected Slogans For The Next Season Of The Bachelorette

ABC went with 'She's Looking For The Right Juan One.' But there were other possibilities. 2014.04.17

After The Craziest Face

Capping off the season with one last round of crazy-ass mugs. 2013.08.06S09.E12

The Flatulorette

It's The Bachelorette With Farts, the way God intended. 2013.08.06

Des Miserables

The Bachelorette's journey ends not with a bang. Well, maybe one. Should you bother watching? 2013.08.06S09.E11

Say Yes To The Des

The odds on what might happen in next week's Bachelorette finale. 2013.07.30

Crazy From The Heat

The Bachelorette takes its crazyfaces to the tropical Caribbean. 2013.07.30S09.E10

Brooksing No Dissent

How much of the first half of the Bachelorette finale must you watch to see if it lives up to the hype? 2013.07.30S09.E10

The Crazies Face All

A collection of the craziest faces from The Bachelorette's 'The Men Tell All' time-waster. 2013.07.23S09.E09

The Men Snipe At Each Other Like Any Of This Really Matters

What to watch and what to skip in The Bachelorette's 'The Men Tell All.' 2013.07.23S09.E09

Hometown Crazies

One thing's for sure: this was the most dramatic rose ceremony of this stupid season. 2013.07.16S09.E08

Hometown Gory

It's Hometowns Week! Did The Bachelorette adjust the pace enough to bother watching? 2013.07.16S09.E08

Madfaced In Madeira

Collecting the crazyfaces of The Bachelorette Episode 7. 2013.07.09S09.E07

'We Need More Adjectives'

Boiling down the latest episode of The Bachelorette to its essentials. 2013.07.09S09.E07

Crazy Of Spain

The Bachelorette takes its crazyfaces to Barcelona. Olé! 2013.07.02S09.E06


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