The Bachelorette

Don't Mess With Crazyface

Just kidding! That's what it's for. 2015.06.16S11.E06

Ay Yi Yi Yi, Kaitlyn Y No Llores

The Bachelorette jets off to San Antonio for kayaking and two-stepping, all topped off with a healthy glob of cultural insensitivity. What bits should you watch this week? 2015.06.16S11.E06

The Crazy Apple

Crazyfaces go on the road to New York City! 2015.06.09S11.E05

A Whole New Turd

On The Bachelorette, the men compete in a rap battle and a Broadway show, and Nick Viall returns for a second fifteen minutes of fame. What can you safely fast-forward? 2015.06.09S11.E05

Kids See The Craziest Things

The crazyfaces come out to play for sumo wrestling, a locked-room challenge, and a sex ed 'prank' with no payoff. 2015.06.02S11.E04

'I Can't Participate In This Circus Anymore'

On The Bachelorette, multiple men are sent packing, and one man sends himself packing, amidst sumo wrestling, haunted basements, and fake sex-ed classes. How much of it should you watch? 2015.06.02S11.E04

EHG 72: The Bachelorette's Rose-Colored Asses

Stephanie Early Green returns to discuss whether The Bachelorette's current crop of doofi is UnREAL. 2015.06.01

The Bachelorette Brings Us Crazy Balboas

And An Evening Of Crazy At The Improv, and underwater crazy. 2015.05.26S11.E03

'Sometimes I Feel Like I'm Too Smart For, Like, 90% Of The Audience'

Week 2 of The Bachelorette lets fly with with boxing, underwater photography, standup 'comedy,' and drunken accusations. 2015.05.26S11.E03

EHG 71: Drag Race To The Finish

Mark Blankenship returns to The Blankenship Chair for a discussion of RuPaul's Drag Race Season 7! 2015.05.26

'There's Only One Drinking Fountain, And We All Must Stand In The Same Line.'

The Bachelorette season premiere limps on into a second night of boringness; should you even bother DVR-ing? 2015.05.20S11.E02

Kaitlyn Bristowe Is An Anagram Of 'Genuine Class'

Collecting the craziest crazyfaces of The Bachelorette's S11 premiere. 2015.05.19S11.E01

'You Just Have To Put The Rose In The Bucket And Walk Away.'

This season on The Bachelorette, 'two very different women' (one's a brunette!) are competing to date a horde of very similar men. It's controversial! But is any of it worth watching? 2015.05.19S11.E01

EHG 62: Facing The Seven Hours Of Music (or You're Talented)

Stephanie Cangro joins us to talk about her beat: reality singing competitions! 2015.03.17

EHG 39: Hear For The Right Reasons

Stephanie Early Green joins us to analyze The Bachelor/ette, Sex In The Wild, and other 'fiancee-type stuff.' 2014.08.05

The SAnd(i)s Of Time

On the long-awaited Bachelorette finale, Andi does some good ol' fashioned dumpin'. Should you watch the carnage? 2014.07.29S10.E11

Of Mice Andi Men

The rejects from The Bachelorette gather to embarrass themselves, us. Is any of it worth bothering with? 2014.07.22S10.E10

It's FAndisy Suite Week!

The Bachelorette gets down and dirty with at least two of her remaining dudes. Should you spend two hours finding out which ones, or lead a productive, interesting life instead? 2014.07.15S10.E09

Home Andi Away

The men bring Andi home to meet their families, and the memory of Eric Hill is summoned one more time for totally non-gross reasons. 2014.07.08S10.E08

Andi Ghent Your Gun

The Bachelorette continues to destroy Europe-U.S. relations in Belgium. Is any of it worth watching? 2014.07.01S10.E07


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