The Bachelorette

The Bachelorette Visited Aaron Rodgers's Hometown, And All She Got Was This Stupid Brother

JoJo is visiting the remaining four guys' hometowns and ranking them by worthiness of their families. Who will prevail? 2016.07.18S12.E08

The Bachelorette Cuts Its Crazyfaces Down To Four

JoJo horses around in Argentina before sending two of her goons back home. 2016.07.12S12.E07

The Bachelorette Almost Engages In Sexual Inter-Horse!

JoJo and the men bond with a lovely horse, drink grape-foot juice, and pig out on fries. 2016.07.11S12.E07

'Don't Cray For Me, Argentina' - The Bachelorette

The Bachelorette and her himbos descend on Buenos Aires. Crazily. 2016.06.28S12.E06

The Bachelorette Gets Messi In Argentina!

JoJo takes the dudes to Argentina for awkward three-way tango, awkward soccer, and awkward performance art! It's awkward! 2016.06.27S12.E06

The Bachelorette Tells Everyone Uruguay Is A Place, And That They Are Going There

And as long as they don't have to find it on a globe, they're crazy-psyched! 2016.06.21S12.E05

The Bachelorette Goes Sand-Bo(a)r(d)ing In Uruguay!

JoJo and her men head to Uruguay, where they experience zero aspects of Uruguayan culture! 2016.06.21S12.E05

The Bachelorette Lets Its Crazyfaces Sink And Swim At A Totes-No-Presh Pool Party, And In...Pennsylvania?

JoJo continues trying to suss out who's a sucky baby and who's a dangerous psychopath; crazyfaces result. 2016.06.08S12.E04

The Bachelorette Goes (Foot)balls To The Wall!

JoJo narrows her field of suitors on the basis of football skills, ability to chop wood, and propensity for homicidal violence (looking at you, Chad)! Who will stay and who will go? 2016.06.08S12.E04

The Bachelorette Tells Some Crazy Stories

JoJo's latest dates have her screaming at yoga, pretending it's not awkward for a band to play for an audience of two, and listening to sex stories. Naturally, the faces get crazy. 2016.06.07S12.E03

Is The Bachelorette Finally Fed Up With Chad's Bad Chaditude?

JoJo puts the men through their paces and loses patience with Chad! But will he go home? Only time will tell! 2016.06.07S12.E03

EHG 118: UnREAL-ity Television

As everyone's favorite dark Bachelor satire returns, so does guest John Ramos for all the money, dick, and power you can shake a walkie at! 2016.06.07

The Bachelorette's Crazyfaces Go Crazy From The Heat (Of A Limousine Fire)

The Bachelorette lets some of the men play firefighter, but of course everyone gets to make crazyfaces. 2016.05.31S12.E02

The Bachelorette Is A Literal Dumpster Fire That Refuses To Be Put Out!

JoJo forces her suitors to fight fires and fake-propose. Plus: Chad eats a full cow's worth of meat during one cocktail party! 2016.05.31S12.E02

JoJo Bachelorette, Your Crazyfaces Are Calling

Twenty-five guys each try to prove to JoJo that he's her future husband. Along the way, crazyfaces occur. 2016.05.24S12.E01

The Bachelorette Begins Her Magical Quest

Naturally, it involves sitting on Santa's lap, because why wouldn't it? 2016.05.24S12.E01

The Bachelorette Introduces JoJo's 'Gentlemen'; We've Got Your 'Class' Superlatives!

Time to divide up the new crop of 'hunks' according to what they're most likely to do in Season 12! 2016.05.13

What Horrors Await Us In The Bachelor's Special 'Celebration Of Love'?

This Valentine's Day -- when else??? -- The Bachelor marks twenty seasons of 'love'! What does its two-hour special surely have in store for us? 2016.02.12

ABC Confirms That Ben H. Is The Next Real Bachelor, While Shiri Appleby Of UnREAL, The Fake Bachelor, Confirms Her Pregnancy

We're catching up on news from Bachelor Nation, actual and pretend, in Lunch And A Show! 2015.08.25


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