The Bachelor: S20

Bachelor Ben's Fairy Tale Comes To Its Crazily Ever After

Ben decides between the two crazyfaces he loves, sending one away to crazy without him for the rest of her life. 2016.03.15S20.E11

The Bachelor's Torn Between Two Lovers, Feelin' Like A Tool

It's the finale and Ben is pickin' a lady! Should you waste your time? 2016.03.15S20.E11

The Bachelor's Crazyfaces Crazily Tell All About Ben

And even Chris Harrison gets to give his work a workout! 2016.03.08S20.E10

The Bachelor's Women (And A Chicken) Tell (And/Or Cluck) All!

The women are back and they're telling all! Which parts are worth your while? 2016.03.08S20.E10

The Bachelor's Crazyfaces Stir It Up In Jamaica

And yes, without Olivia, it still isn't...irie. 2016.03.01S20.E09

The Bachelor Makes Suite, Suite Love To His Remaining Three Ladies

Ben and his three remaining women jet off to Jamaica for some Fantasy Suite time. Let us guide you through what to watch and/or fast-forward! 2016.03.01S20.E09

It's A Hometown Buffet Of The Bachelor's Crazyfaces

The remaining ladies introduce Ben to their families. Crazyfaces ensue. 2016.02.23S20.E08

The Bachelor Heads Hometown!

It's hometown week, in which Ben narrows his field of floozies from four to three based on how awkward their families are! Which stilted parental conversations should you fast-forward over? 2016.02.23S20.E08

The Bachelor's Crazyfaces Fall Flat In The Midwest

We all miss Olivia's mug. Will we be satisfied by the show's attempt to replace it with literally every kind of sports ball there is? 2016.02.16S20.E07

The Bachelor Occupies Warsaw (Indiana)!

The Bachelor heads to the Ben's hometown, the orthopedic capital of the USA, for some boating, basketball, and blubbering. 2016.02.16S20.E07

The Bachelor's Crazyfaces Are Better In The Bahamas

As the cuts get tougher, the faces are as crazy as ever. 2016.02.09S20.E06

The Bachelor Goes To The Bahamas For Scary Pig Bonding Time

Not a euphemism! There's also boating, and draaaaamaaaaa! That'll do, Hig(gins). 2016.02.09S20.E06

The Bachelor's Crazyfaces Are Muy Bueno

Call the WHO: Mexico City has come down with an epidemic of Crazyface! 2016.02.02S20.E05

Tortilla Brats

The Bachelor jets off to Mexico for cooking lessons, a hot-air-balloon ride, and a fashion show. Which parts can you safely fast-forward? 2016.02.02S20.E05

Little Chapel Of Horrors

The Bachelor winnows the field of ladies down by three! Plus: puppets, weddings, and dachshunds! 2016.01.26S20.E04

The Bachelor's Crazyfaces Are Having A Ball

All the most insane expressions from the most dramatic soccer-themed group date ever, and beyond! 2016.01.19S20.E03

Foot(ball) And Mouth Disease

The Bachelor narrows the field by two more 'ladies.' Also: soccer, helicopters, hot tubs, and cankles. But which segments are worth watching? 2016.01.19S20.E03

The Bachelor Sends Its Crazyfaces Back To School

Let's just say no one's taking any AP classes. 2016.01.12S20.E02

Hot-Tub Ben Machine

This Bachelor goes for a ride(-along) with celebrities, smells ladies for science, and crowns a queen! 2016.01.12S20.E02

The Bachelor Has Crazytown Values

Let's see what crazyfaces arrived in the limos to meet Ben. 2016.01.05S20.E01

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