The Bachelor: S19

The End Is Here

Of course The Bachelor ends in a barn. What could be more romantic? Other than anything. 2015.03.10S19.E12

Finally, The Women Speak!

Before The Bachelor: The Women Tell All, we could only guess what was going on in their minds. Now we know for sure. 2015.03.03S19.E10

Bali Bali Bali, Get Your Adverbs Here!

We let The Bachelor take us to the Fantasy Suite, but Chris just bored us to sleep. 2015.02.24S19.E09

You're Gonna Cry 96 (Fake) Tears

Iowa claims three more victims as The Bachelor's Two-Day Television Event limps to its conclusion. 2015.02.17S19.E08

There's No 'I' In 'Iowa'! ...Oh, Wait.

The 'Two-Day Bachelor Television Event' begins with three hours you'll never get back! 2015.02.16S19.E07

Big & Rich & Crazy & Stupid

The Bachelor heads to South Dakota for some country music and hysterical crying. The country music part is new! 2015.02.10S19.E06

'Isn't My Story Amazing?'

If you thought the crazy lady on The Bachelor already got sent home, think again. 2015.02.03S19.E05

How I Met Your Mudder

This week, the women on The Bachelor continue to explore their (grand)daddy issues, cry, get muddy, and overshare. We'll streamline your viewing. 2015.01.27S19.E04

'Is This Corn Hand-Shucked?'

The 'ladies' of The Bachelor face yet another contrived farm challenge. Plus, more tears! 2015.01.20S19.E03

Bring Bring, Bring Your Deflowering Hat, We'll Take The Trail Marked On Chris Harrison's Map

The women of The Bachelor step up the crazy antics this week with face-chewing, drug trips, near-falls, head banging, and tears. 2015.01.13S19.E02

Old McDonald Had An Unkillable Reality Franchise And It's Back For A 19th Season, E-I-E-I-O

Beloved TV staple/thinly veiled act of domestic terrorism The Bachelor is back, with bland, slow-talking farmer Chris Soules at its helm. Let's streamline your viewing. 2015.01.06S19.E01


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