The Bachelor: S18

Give Me Juan Reason To Stay Here

Even Chris Harrison can't wait to close the book on the saddest chapter in American history. 2014.03.11S18.E11

Sing Us A Song, Piano Lauren

The women of The Bachelor reunite to reminisce about what a dick Juan Pablo was and continues to be. 2014.03.04S18.E10

It's Just A Suite, Suite Fantasy, Baby

Juan Pablo neither talks sweet nor looks fine in the latest episode of The Bachelor. 2014.02.26S18.E09

Throw Momma From The Train (And Juan Pablo From The Helicopter)

The Bachelor heads to the ladies' hometowns to do some wooin'. But will the families allow themselves to be wooed? 2014.02.25S18.E08

Escape To Bitch Mountain

Sharleen finally makes a break for it. But will Juan Pablo find a "forever home" with one of the leftovers? 2014.02.18S18.E07

The Bachelor: An Expected Journey

YOU SHALL NOT WATCH! 2014.02.11S18.E06

Pho No!

The Bachelor does Vietnam, and it turns out Juan Pablo's even more of a turd than we thought. 2014.02.04S18.E05

Bi-Bimbos-Bop: The Bachelor Does Korea

Octopus, opera, and Oppan Gangnam style collide, disastrously, in Episode 4. 2014.01.28S18.E04

I Compare You To A Kiss From A Robot (On Sharleen)

Bungee-jumping, boobs, and breakfast abound as Juan Pablo continues his quest for love and/or fame. 2014.01.21S18.E03

Will You Assept This Rose?

Between photo shoots and snow play, Juan Pablo hands out lots of roses and a little tough love on Episode 2 of The Bachelor. 2014.01.14S18.E02

The Bachelor, Versión En Español

Juan Pablo provides the spice in an otherwise bland cauldron of desperation. 2014.01.07S18.E01


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