The Bachelor

Bachelor's Back, All Right!

Some ladies dance with the Backstreet Boys, some do track and field, and one very special lady vomits in a bag. 2017.01.17S21.E03

EHG 140: Getting Our Nick-ers In A Twist Over The Bachelor

Our esteemed colleague Jeff Drake on three-time loser Nick Viall, The Young Pope, and more! 2017.01.11

The Bachelor Gets Married!

Seems like maybe Nick cut to the chase and married half the women. Oh, if only that were true! 2017.01.10S21.E02

Did The Bachelor Just Jump The Shark?

The new season begins with 29 well-dressed ladies, and one who never takes off her shark costume. 2017.01.03S21.E01

EHG Mini: Making Our Hallmark

Creating and populating our own Hallmark Christmas movies. 2016.12.12

The Bachelor Introduces Nick's 'Ladies'; We've Got Your 'Class' Superlatives!

ABC has found a whole bunch of women willing to go on TV and, presumably, reject Nick Viall. Let's organize them! 2016.12.07

Watch A New (Joke) Promo For The Bachelor On Jimmy Kimmel Live

Nick Viall hasn't found love on television the last three times he tried, so maybe Kimmel's hunch as to why is correct. 2016.09.01S14.E171

Miss Match, Snuffed In A Mercy Killing: Reconsidering Entertainment Weekly's 2003 Fall TV Preview

No, Miss Match couldn't survive the 2003-04 television season, but at least we'll always have NCIS, because apparently that show is unkillable. 2016.08.31

Nick Viall Will Be The Next Star Of The Bachelor

At least he won't be a 'runner-up' anymore, or else he'll find a way to screw this one up too. 2016.08.30

EHG Mini: Holodreck

The holodeck is now programmed with current TV. Which characters go where? 2016.07.29

EHG Mini: Crappily Ever After

Picking back up with beloved TV couples. 2016.07.01

Read A Report From A 'Hellish' New York Casting Call For The Bachelor

My goodness, the things people will do for the right reasons! 2016.06.30

Brad Womack Picking Himself vs. Strong Black Coffee

It's a boneheaded bachelor who rejected 25 hopefuls vs. Agent Cooper and a cup of joe! 2016.05.28

Brad Womack Picking Himself vs. 'Take Your Hat Off'

It's a boneheaded bachelor who rejected 25 hopefuls vs. a Soprano-style etiquette lesson! 2016.05.27

Jim Dressed As Dwight vs. Brad Womack Picking Himself

It's bears, beets, Battlestar Galactica vs. a boneheaded bachelor who rejected 25 hopefuls! 2016.05.26

Bachelor Ben's Fairy Tale Comes To Its Crazily Ever After

Ben decides between the two crazyfaces he loves, sending one away to crazy without him for the rest of her life. 2016.03.15S20.E11

The Bachelor's Torn Between Two Lovers, Feelin' Like A Tool

It's the finale and Ben is pickin' a lady! Should you waste your time? 2016.03.15S20.E11

The Bachelor's Crazyfaces Crazily Tell All About Ben

And even Chris Harrison gets to give his work a workout! 2016.03.08S20.E10

The Bachelor's Women (And A Chicken) Tell (And/Or Cluck) All!

The women are back and they're telling all! Which parts are worth your while? 2016.03.08S20.E10