The Americans

'80s-Set Series Casts Actual '80s TV Star

Now that Richard "Three's Company" Kline has appeared on The Americans, we have some suggestions as to who should join him. 2013.04.18S01.E11

'Well, THAT Date Didn't Go Well.'

"He told me he was a consultant. First of all." 2013.04.11S01.E10

Li'l Annie Oakley's Got Your Back

That may not get the job done? 2013.03.21S01.E08

Susan Misner Gets Screwed Over On TV A Lot

But why? She's so beautiful and awesome! 2013.02.21S01.E04

Margo Martindale Might Hug You, Or Murder You

Either way, you will be a better person for crossing her path. 2013.02.14S01.E03

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