The Americans

McAvoy: The Americans Is A Spy Drama For A Cynical Age

The NewsNight anchor yearns for a look at the spies that made this country great. 2014.04.06S01.E10

I Am The Badass Dot Matrix Printer

And on The Americans, I run this thing. 2014.04.03S02.E06

Sitting With The Enemy

Elizabeth and Philip finally get a sitdown with possible spy-killer Larrick, but since we're only halfway through the season, maybe he's not the guy? 2014.04.02S02.E06

Secret Agent Mensch

While Philip keeps an eye on his Mossad counterpart, Elizabeth babysits Martha. (Babysitters get their charges white-wine drunk, right?) 2014.03.26S02.E05

In The Navy, You Can Sail The Seven Seas! Or Be Cultivated As An Unwitting Traitor To Your Country!

Elizabeth gets a lead on who might have killed Emmett and Leanne, and makes a new friend/mark. 2014.03.19S02.E04

Parts Unknown

While Elizabeth and Philip shop propellers right at the factory, Paige ditches school to go to...Harrisburg? Girl, you should have gone to buy jeans like you said you were going to. 2014.03.12S02.E03

EHG 23: Aggressive Scruffle

Nick Rheinwald-Jones gives us a hand with our discussion of Hannibal, and Game Time takes a (global) village. 2014.03.10

The Soviets Colonize Chesapeake

As the KGB tries to figure out who killed Emmett, Leanne, and their daughter, Philip takes a trip to Chesapeake to find out what Mr. Brush Pass actually knows. 2014.03.05S02.E02

Learn From Their Fail

In the season premiere, Philip and Elizabeth have some nice couple friends who are also spies! Too bad they are not great at it. 2014.02.26S02.E01

Mr. And Mrs. Erotic American

On The Americans, Clark and Martha prove that you don't need to be a real person to get real sexy. 2013.07.05

May Day

Philip and Elizabeth end the first season of The Americans with a pretty bad day. 2013.05.02S01.E13

Save The Date!

Clark and Martha are getting married! Actually, you don't have to save the date so much as write it in your calendar, because it's tomorrow. Hope you can come! 2013.04.25S01.E12

'80s-Set Series Casts Actual '80s TV Star

Now that Richard "Three's Company" Kline has appeared on The Americans, we have some suggestions as to who should join him. 2013.04.18S01.E11

'Well, THAT Date Didn't Go Well.'

"He told me he was a consultant. First of all." 2013.04.11S01.E10

Li'l Annie Oakley's Got Your Back

That may not get the job done? 2013.03.21S01.E08

Susan Misner Gets Screwed Over On TV A Lot

But why? She's so beautiful and awesome! 2013.02.21S01.E04

Margo Martindale Might Hug You, Or Murder You

Either way, you will be a better person for crossing her path. 2013.02.14S01.E03


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