The American Baking Competition

Is The Next Great Baker Worth Taking A Bite Of?

Sarah considers replacing the lamented American Baking Competition on her summer menu. 2014.06.25S04.E01

Season Brianale

This author didn't love the outcome of American Baking Competition's first season -- but it reaffirmed her respect for the show. 2013.07.11S01.E07

It's All Over But The Brian

American Baking Competition's semifinal round promised the most excitement yet, but it kind of lacked flavor. 2013.07.08S01.E06

I'm (Sick Of) Brian, And So's My Wife

Snitty comments, dumpy soufflé -- should you watch American Baking Competition this week? (Spoiler: yes, because James.) 2013.06.27S01.E05

Cake. Walk?

Cut yourself a slice of American Baking Competition Cake Week. 2013.06.13S01.E03

Just How Phony Is The American Baking Competition?

The Foxworthy-hosted master-baker contest is like Splenda: fake, but in a good way. 2013.05.30S01.E01


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