The Amazing Race: S26

Photo Finish

In Dallas, one of the four remaining Amazing Race teams will win a million dollars, but Phil just won't be happy until one of these blind date teams admits they're into each other already. 2015.05.16S26.E12

Burrito Of The High Seas

Mental breakdowns galore plague the Amazing Racers on their second Peru leg -- but the Racers throwing the tantrums are not the ones you'd guess. 2015.05.09S26.E11

I Know This Much Is Trujillo

In Peru, potato avalanches threaten the race prospects -- and the sanity -- of several teams. 2015.05.02S26.E10

Amster, Amster

Teams bike, boat, rebus, and shuffleboard their way through Amsterdam. 2015.04.25S26.E09

It's Namibia, Jackass!

A double episode brings the Amazing Racers to Namibia; U-Turns spell trouble for some, while a hostile zebra causes problems for others. 2015.04.18S26.E08

Born To Bougie

Things take a turn for the ritzy when The Amazing Race visits Monaco for some chocolate, perfume, and really bad directions. 2015.04.11S26.E06

Bavarian Scream

After a two-week hiatus, The Amazing Race returns with all the beer, funny outfits, and yelling you'd expect out of a trip to Germany. 2015.04.04S26.E05

Can't Be Too Careful With Your Company

In Bangkok, Amazing Racers take circuitous routes through the city’s temples, markets, auto shops, and cat cafés. 2015.03.14S26.E04

Let's Thai It Again

Racers head to Phuket, Thailand, to work as zipline waiters, perform in a drag show, and in one team's case, make a big move in their relationship. 2015.03.07S26.E03

Selfie Train To Nowhere

In Nagano, teams are tested by ramen noodles, puzzle boxes, and the allure of the selfie-cam. 2015.02.28S26.E02

Where Ya Been Lately, There's A New Kid In Town

Season 26 of the Amazing Race kicks off with a new route, a new twist, and yes, an actual New Kid. 2015.02.25S26.E01


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