The Amazing Race: S24

Circus Circus

Six clowns converge on Las Vegas for the Amazing Race final. Which semi-objectionable team hits the jackpot? 2014.05.18S24.E12

Fool Britannia

The final four return to the English-speaking world for a draggy C-plus episode. 2014.05.11S24.E11

Ballsy Move

At the moment of truth, the Accidental Alliance fails. Also, people fall down a lot and Sarah laaaaughs and laughs. 2014.05.04S24.E10

On Top Of Mount Titlis

This episode of The Amazing Self-Satisfied And Counterintuitive Alliance ends with a whimper. 2014.04.28S24.E09

The Amazing Race Lets Its All-Stars Play With Some Asses

Some ride donkeys. Others build donkey toys. Tara tries very hard to resist making 5000 'ass' jokes. 2014.04.20S24.E08

When In Rome

Misreading directions proves costly to several teams; teeny tiny vehicles amaze and delight. 2014.04.14S24.E07


Bart Simpson would have a field day with this leg. 2014.03.31S24.E06

Cutting It Close

The result of a very short connection determines Brendon and Rachel's fate. 2014.03.24S24.E05

Pouring Drinks Is A Vale Of Tears

A particularly tough Detour leads to broken glass, frustrated crying, and stern parental lectures. It's pretty great. 2014.03.17S24.E04

A River Wrecks Rafts Through It

A rafting challenge soaks a lot of the teams. 2014.03.10S24.E03

Pack It In

Will a forgotten backpack send Mark and Mallory back to Kentucky? 2014.03.03S24.E02

The Cowboy Way

In the first leg of their third appearance, can Jet and Cord rustle up an Express Pass win? 2014.02.24S24.E01


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