The Amazing Race: S23

And The Winners Are...

How much do you need to watch as the latest crop of Race finalists make their way to the season's last pit stop? 2013.12.09S23.E11

Shante, You Stay

When The Amazing Race heads to Java, Jason and Amy do pretty well with a makeup task. Not everyone can say the same. 2013.12.02S23.E10

I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings

It's because of Travis and Nicole's stellar performance at the Detour. The Roadblock, on the other hand.... 2013.11.25S23.E09

Like Sands Through The Hourglass, So Go The Days Of Our Wives

Nicky and Kim spin their wheels in the dunes, which seems about right. 2013.11.18S23.E08

Caged Heat

Assembling a fishing net in blazing temperatures can strain your relationship. Who knew? 2013.11.11S23.E07

On With The Show, This Is It!

Okay, the teams don't sing that, but their actual choice is no less funny. 2013.11.04S23.E06

People Will Say We're In Love

Team Oklahoma experiments with same-sex dancing in Poland -- but how much of it do you need to watch? 2013.10.28S23.E05

Off With Her Head

Well, maybe this Marie doesn't quite deserve that. But she still sucks! 2013.10.21S23.E04

'That Ain't Good'

(That's how one Racer correctly describes Phil's visit to the airport.) 2013.10.14S23.E03

Shine Your Shoes, Guvnah?

One egregious blunder is one thing, but two in the same leg proves tough to overcome. 2013.10.07S23.E02

Fast-Forwarding...Er, "Paragliding" Through Chile

What to watch and what to skip in The Amazing Race's season premiere. 2013.09.30S23.E01


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