The Amazing Race: S22

'They Were Some Big Balls.'

Another TAR team snags a million. Should you watch the finale -- or the next season? 2013.05.06S22.E11


A barrage of "that's what she said" moments fails to rescue a predictable ep. 2013.04.29S22.E10

Berlin Mall

No, seriously: that's a stop on this week's very entertaining Race episode. 2013.04.22S22.E09

Chuck Y Cheese

The end is a doozy; the rest is snoozy. …Don't get up, I'll let myself out. 2013.04.15S22.E08

'The Amazing DMV'

Spoiler: You don't need to watch newlyweds having fender-benders. 2013.04.01S22.E07

I've Felt The Pains Down In Africa

They're all in my patoot, and they're all coming from Joey. 2013.03.25S22.E06


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