The Amazing Race

On With The Show, This Is It!

Okay, the teams don't sing that, but their actual choice is no less funny. 2013.11.04S23.E06

People Will Say We're In Love

Team Oklahoma experiments with same-sex dancing in Poland -- but how much of it do you need to watch? 2013.10.28S23.E05

Off With Her Head

Well, maybe this Marie doesn't quite deserve that. But she still sucks! 2013.10.21S23.E04

Bad Guys Looove Caracas

Which TV shows will be sending their villains to Venezuela next? 2013.10.16

'That Ain't Good'

(That's how one Racer correctly describes Phil's visit to the airport.) 2013.10.14S23.E03

Shine Your Shoes, Guvnah?

One egregious blunder is one thing, but two in the same leg proves tough to overcome. 2013.10.07S23.E02

Fast-Forwarding...Er, "Paragliding" Through Chile

What to watch and what to skip in The Amazing Race's season premiere. 2013.09.30S23.E01

The Killing's Truthful Title Card

Truthful TV title cards are back and here's our first weekly installment. 2013.08.22

Famous Family Amazing Race Teams We'd Like To See, In Order Of Their Predicted Eliminations

Don't let the smile fool you; just out of frame, a Mara sister has a .44 trained on Phil's "globes." 2013.05.31

'They Were Some Big Balls.'

Another TAR team snags a million. Should you watch the finale -- or the next season? 2013.05.06S22.E11


A barrage of "that's what she said" moments fails to rescue a predictable ep. 2013.04.29S22.E10

Berlin Mall

No, seriously: that's a stop on this week's very entertaining Race episode. 2013.04.22S22.E09

Chuck Y Cheese

The end is a doozy; the rest is snoozy. …Don't get up, I'll let myself out. 2013.04.15S22.E08

'The Amazing DMV'

Spoiler: You don't need to watch newlyweds having fender-benders. 2013.04.01S22.E07

I've Felt The Pains Down In Africa

They're all in my patoot, and they're all coming from Joey. 2013.03.25S22.E06

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