The Amazing Race

Bavarian Scream

After a two-week hiatus, The Amazing Race returns with all the beer, funny outfits, and yelling you'd expect out of a trip to Germany. 2015.04.04S26.E05

Every Show Needs A Little Dick (Wolf)

Foolproof lupine franchise options for four hit shows. 2015.03.26

Can't Be Too Careful With Your Company

In Bangkok, Amazing Racers take circuitous routes through the city’s temples, markets, auto shops, and cat cafés. 2015.03.14S26.E04

Let's Thai It Again

Racers head to Phuket, Thailand, to work as zipline waiters, perform in a drag show, and in one team's case, make a big move in their relationship. 2015.03.07S26.E03

Selfie Train To Nowhere

In Nagano, teams are tested by ramen noodles, puzzle boxes, and the allure of the selfie-cam. 2015.02.28S26.E02

Where Ya Been Lately, There's A New Kid In Town

Season 26 of the Amazing Race kicks off with a new route, a new twist, and yes, an actual New Kid. 2015.02.25S26.E01

Math Hysteria

It's the final leg of Season 25, and the only things standing between one team and a million dollars are a plate glass window, a rescue dummy, and a bunch of numbers. 2014.12.20S25.E12

Eliminated Contestants Should Never Get To Come Back. Ever.

An impassioned treatise on a trend that's poisoning reality television. 2014.12.16

This, That, And The Other

In Manila, teams are faced with the biggest dilemma of the season: THIS or THAT? Also, bicycles and coconuts conspire to kill one team but are thankfully unsuccessful. 2014.12.13S25.E11

Can't You Take A Yoke?

The Amazing Race switches it back to what might be the show's most notorious challenge ever, but even the promise of a broken ox can't keep things interesting. 2014.12.06S25.E10

Betrayal Among The Merlions

In Singapore, Amazing Racers endure a painful spa treatment and a death-defying tightrope walk. However, it's the pact surrounding the Double U-Turn that ends up causing the most discomfort. 2014.11.29S25.E09

Broken Butts And Broken Dreams

In Malta, Amazing Racers contend with heavy glasses, dirty helmets, greasy poles, and Phil's pecs. 2014.11.22S25.E08

Picture It -- Sicily, 2014

In Palermo, Amazing Racers engage in classic Italian pastimes like racing cars, watching opera, and painting ceilings. 2014.11.08S25.E07

Udders And Butter And Tents, Oh My!

Amazing animals are the highlight of this week's Amazing Race as teams meet goats, horses, and a fantastic act with a banjo and a chicken while exploring more of Morocco. 2014.11.01S25.E06

Marrakech Me If You Can

In Morocco, teams encounter new cultures, sights, and smells, and the U-Turn rears its head shortly after the season's most intense argument yet. 2014.10.25S25.E05

Something's Rotten In Denmark

The Amazing Racers head to Copenhagen to serve sandwiches and learn about energy efficiency; a team forces Phil to play Dr. Phil when they melt down on the mat. 2014.10.18S25.E04

Huffin' And Puffins

Peat, ponies, sheep, and a guy in a puffin suit await the Amazing Racers in the Shetland Islands. 2014.10.11S25.E03

Cruel Britannia

Amazing Racers learn that no amount of advance preparation can prepare you for inadequate pancake-flipping, tricky river currents, or betrayal by one's own bladder. 2014.10.04S25.E02

You Have to Dig Deep

The Amazing Race celebrates its silver anniversary by not even technically leaving the country, as teams climb, dive, and dig. 2014.09.27S25.E01

Casting The CBS Triple Crown

No, there's no new reality show called Triple Crown. We're speculating about which reality star will be the first to achieve the CBS trifecta of appearing on all three of Survivor, The Amazing Race, and Big Brother? 2014.09.24

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