The Amazing Race

The Amazing Race Experiences Agra-vation

The U-Turn reappears, causing plenty of inter-team conflict in the shadow of the Taj Mahal. 2015.11.21S27.E09

The Amazing Race Is Not All It's Krakowed Up To Be

In Poland, a couple of teams choose the wrongest possible time to team up, and another teaches us that latkes are basically just Jewish hash browns. 2015.11.14S27.E08

Empire, Survivor, Carol Burnett, And Jackie Taylor All Invite You To Pick A Fight

Whether you're battling church giggles, a blindside, or looking like an idiot, Lunch And A Show is in your corner. 2015.11.12

The Amazing Race Enjoys Dutch Treats

In Rotterdam, racers tilt at windmills and steer virtual cargo ships...and a shockingly small minority of them can actually tell us where Rotterdam even is. 2015.11.07S27.E07

Mr. Garvey's Roll Call vs. Charla And Mirna's Universally Insulting Accents

It's discovering where A-A-Ron is vs. a way of speaking that insulted everyone worldwide! 2015.11.04

Sucker MCs And Sad-Faced Clowns Try To Entertain You On The Amazing Race

Amazing Racers spend a long, stressful day in Paris missing tough details and butchering the French language. 2015.10.31S27.E06

The Amazing Race Encounters Lions And Gorges And Crocs. Oh My!

In Zimbabwe, Amazing Racers scream their way through adrenaline-filled tasks and get up close and personal with the local wildlife. 2015.10.24S27.E05

The Amazing Race Blesses The U-Turns Down In Africa

In Zambia and Zimbabwe, teams take in the gorgeous scenery at Victoria Falls, but the looming threat of the U-Turn casts a shadow on the proceedings. 2015.10.17S27.E04

Watch The Amazing Racers Whip, Watch Them Neigh Neigh

Two of Argentina's most famous exports -- meat and horses -- take center stage, while another team pays the price for being too helpful. 2015.10.10S27.E03

It Takes Ten Teams To Tango On The Amazing Race

Amazing Racers head to Buenos Aires, Argentina, where the city somehow gets them to handle a bunch of its sanitation labor en route to a drama-filled and injury-plagued Pit Stop. 2015.10.03S27.E02

Lunch And A Show Comes Not To Bury Curtis, But To Praise Him

A Cliff Curtis supercut, plus finales, premieres, Alfred Bitchcock, and a casting quiz! 2015.09.28

When My Baby Smiles At Me, I Go To Rio (To Meet Up With Phil Keoghan)

The Amazing Race's first leg sends racers to Rio de Janeiro, where a new twist underwhelms, and a sliding puzzle overwhelms. 2015.09.26S27.E01

Survivor Is Among The Week's Reality Returns, While BBC Lets Its Stars Return To Their Real Accents

Wave hello to the castaways and goodbye to the Big Brother houseguests in Lunch And A Show! 2015.09.24

Phil House

The Amazing Race host takes some small measure of revenge on Julie for Brendon and Rachel. 2015.06.26

Photo Finish

In Dallas, one of the four remaining Amazing Race teams will win a million dollars, but Phil just won't be happy until one of these blind date teams admits they're into each other already. 2015.05.16S26.E12

Burrito Of The High Seas

Mental breakdowns galore plague the Amazing Racers on their second Peru leg -- but the Racers throwing the tantrums are not the ones you'd guess. 2015.05.09S26.E11

I Know This Much Is Trujillo

In Peru, potato avalanches threaten the race prospects -- and the sanity -- of several teams. 2015.05.02S26.E10

Amster, Amster

Teams bike, boat, rebus, and shuffleboard their way through Amsterdam. 2015.04.25S26.E09

It's Namibia, Jackass!

A double episode brings the Amazing Racers to Namibia; U-Turns spell trouble for some, while a hostile zebra causes problems for others. 2015.04.18S26.E08

Born To Bougie

Things take a turn for the ritzy when The Amazing Race visits Monaco for some chocolate, perfume, and really bad directions. 2015.04.11S26.E06

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