The Affair

The Affair Ends Its Season With A French Reconnection

Look, it's been a long season. You'd take a road trip, too, if it meant getting away from Noah. ...What? Noah's here, too? Oh, man. 2017.01.29S03.E10

The Affair Has A Requiem For A Daydream

What if you spent an entire season thinking that someone else was out to get you, when all the time it was you, you pill-addled nincompoop? Noah's about to find out. 2017.01.22S03.E09

The Affair Goes Cole Mining

After a string of Noah-focused episodes -- don't worry, he still gets mentioned at every opportunity -- The Affair turns its attention back to Alison and Cole, and stumbles with how it's handling one of those characters. But probably not the one you're thinking. 2017.01.15S03.E08

Vik Walks Out on The Affair Because He's Smarter Than We Are

Philip Michaels isn't a crackpot. He just thinks we should be happy for Vik after he takes his ball and goes home when it becomes clear that Helen will never ever quit Noah. 2017.01.08S03.E07

The Affair Learns You Can't Go Home Again

'This is supposed to be a happy occasion, and as usual, Noah Solloway is ruining it,' declares Bruce Butler, who could be referring to dinners, homecomings, and furtive snoggings with Max and still be accurate. 2017.01.01S03.E06

EHG Mini: A Matter Of Affairness

Which shows need to split episodes into different perspectives, a la The Affair? 2016.12.26

Noah And Alison Hop In A Hot Tub Time Machine On The Affair

Alison spends the day with Noah to finally put her foot down on the future of their relations. Nope, she's really going to do it. Watch her put her foot down. Any minute now. With special bonus hallucinogenic appearance by Brendan Fraser. 2016.12.18S03.E05

How Thrilled Are We To Finally Have A He-Said-She-Said Story On The Affair Again?

The show finally remembers one of the gimmicks that makes it watchable, but forgets to answer a half-dozen burning questions in this episode. 2016.12.11S03.E04

When The Affair Thinks About Noah, It Touches Itself

All you need to know about this episode -- and perhaps this series -- is contained in the segment in which a character reads Noah's book and is moved to self-pleasure. 2016.12.04S03.E03

The Affair Presents Helen's Sex Troll

Helen is leasing the bottom floor of her brownstone to that nice Dr. Vik, who pays her in both cash and sweet, sweet loving. Who could be dissatisfied with this arrangement? Since this is The Affair: everyone. 2016.11.27S03.E02

The Affair Returns With Noah's Arc

It's all Noah all the time, as the season premiere of The Affair devotes its energies to everyone's favorite adulterous jailbird. 2016.11.20S03.E01

EHG 125: The Question Is Zoot

Is an all-'Is This Worse Than Jazz?' episode of Extra Hot Great worse than jazz? Prepare to find out! 2016.08.02

The Affair Has Ex On The Beach

Both Noah and Alison reconnect with their exes at Cole's wedding and wonder: how might things have been if they had never had their titular affair? Certainly better than this season finale, one imagines. 2015.12.21S02.E12

All About The Affair's Not-So-Great Scott

Can Scotty hurry up and get himself killed already? No? You mean we have to watch Cole and Alison go into business together and Noah get all huffy about it first? Aw, man.... 2015.12.13S02.E11

Showtime Renews Homeland And The Affair

Bombs and infidelity for everyone! 2015.12.09

Can The Affair's Non-Marriage Be Saved?

Say this for Noah: he is getting much more efficient about torpedoing his relationships, as he drags his feet about finally giving marriage a second go with Alison. 2015.12.06S02.E10

Sturm Und Drang Strike The Affair

This week the question isn't 'Who's the father of Alison's baby?,' but rather 'Where is the father of Alison's baby?' as Noah finds himself stuck in a hurricane. At least Helen manages to find a doctor who not only makes house calls but also has a very modern approach to co-pays. 2015.11.29S02.E09

The Affair Goes Back To School

Noah heads back to his alma mater to remind us why he's like a lecture hall at 6 AM on Saturday -- no class. Also, Richard Schiff, attorney at law, enlists the help of Helen Solloway, baby DNA collector. 2015.11.22S02.E08

Give Thanks You're Not Dining With Noah On The Affair

The newly assembled Noah/Alison household and the Lockhart clan compete to see who can have the most awkward Thanksgiving. The winner? You, dear viewer. 2015.11.15S02.E07

Welcome To The Shallow End Of The Pool

A brief history of craptastical viewing decisions Buntsy has made using a TV Fox-o-Meter she spilled Dr Pepper on in today's Lunch And A Show. 2015.11.13

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