The 100

The 100 Goes Bunker Hunting

Clarke and Co. search for a spacious refuge from the apocalypse. 2017.02.15S04.E03

The 100 Must Choose Between The Few And The Many

The show gets back to its thematic roots as the children consider repeating the sins of their parents. 2017.02.08S04.E02

The 100 Makes Its Case For Its Continued Existence

And does a pretty decent job! Now if only everyone can avoid all dying from radiation poisoning in six months.... 2017.02.01S04.E01

The 100 Shuts Down Its Season

In the City of Light, Clarke is given an offer she has very little trouble refusing. 2016.05.20S03.E16

The 100 Ambles Blindly Toward Its Season Finale

The only remaining characters free from Alie's grasp begin an all-out assault on her kingdom, with predictable results. 2016.05.13S03.E15

Ain't No Ocean Wide Enough To Keep The 100 From (Killing) You

The crew takes their campaign of war to the last known refuge of peace, and things go just as you'd expect. 2016.05.06S03.E14

On The 100, Professor Pike Takes Us From Crayons To Abuse

Two of the post-apocalypse's biggest knuckleheads have a flashback face-off, while Bellamy continues being a burden in the present. 2016.04.29S03.E13

You'll Never Guess Who The Jason Voorhees Of The 100 Is

Literally. When our heroes return to Arkadia, they find themselves pitted against a villain you might have forgotten existed. 2016.04.22S03.E12

Hell Is Other People On The 100

A painful family reunion turns into an even more painful exorcism as everyone comes together to save Raven from a demon A.I. 2016.04.15S03.E11

The 100 Tries To Clean Up Its Bloody Mess By Getting Bloody Messier

Torturous computer programs, hateful siblings, and one rat-faced Murphy are the agents of change in a plot-shattering episode. 2016.04.08S03.E10

The 100 Kills Off Another Character, As It Is Wont To Do

Still dealing with the repercussions of Lexa's murder (in the show and the fandom), The 100 adds yet another name to its roster of controversial deaths. 2016.04.01S03.E09

The 100 Attempts To Deal With Its Bellamy Problem

In a lackluster episode, Bellamy's two daddies have a fight, and he gets stuck in the middle. 2016.03.11S03.E08

I Am The 100's Savior A.I. Vessel

And during my brief respite from living under the skin of Grounder commanders, I'm going to tell my story. 2016.03.04S03.E07

The 100 Turns Its Characters Into Sheeple

Jaha continues feeding Arkadia his empty-calorie salvation, while Clarke experiments with being boring. 2016.02.26S03.E06

The 100 Hands The Inmates The Keys To The Asylum

With Pike in charge and Jaha back on the scene, the situation at Arkadia is more unstable than ever. 2016.02.19S03.E05

The 100's Queens Slay (Each Other)

Alliances change on all sides, with one power player getting stabbed in the front. 2016.02.11S03.E04

Peace Talks On The 100 Go Up In Literal Flames

Thanks to the Ice Nation, which crashes the party and blows up some (more) small children. 2016.02.05S03.E03

Is The 100 More David Bowie Or The Fat Jew?

And other not-so-burning questions as the ominous Ice Nation fast approaches. 2016.01.28S03.E02

The 100 Finds Compelling Drama In The Post-War World Of Season 3

A lot has changed since the fall of Mt. Weather, starting with our hero's hair color. 2016.01.21S03.E01

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