Teenage Newlyweds

As Season 1 Ends, Should Teenage Newlyweds Be Annulled?

How successful has fyi's latest foray into unusual marriages been? 2016.07.19S01.E08

Housework Inequity, Tearful Reunions, And A Marriage That 'Doesn't Feel Well': How Immature Is Teenage Newlyweds This Week?

Don't think you escape criticism either, Joey's parents who apparently let him live like a freeloader right up until he left home. 2016.07.12S01.E07

As The Teenage Newlyweds Try To Have Social Lives, We Rank The Episode's Most Depressing Moments

Fortunately, we have one cute moment so we can ease into it. Then: misery! 2016.07.05S01.E06

Secret Shoe Shopping, Four-Figure Surprises, And Beauty Budgeting: Who's Learning What On Teenage Newlyweds?

Travis digs himself a deeper hole, while Halie stops George digging one for both of them. And more! 2016.06.28S01.E05

Joey Demonstrates For Emma Why Some Teenage Newlyweds Should Not Try To Buy Homes

As with another famous Joey, sandwiches are involved. 2016.06.14S01.E03

Should You Promise To Love, Honour, And Cherish Teenage Newlyweds?

fyi's newest marital docuseries covers couples who've just barely earned the right to vote. Should you attend? 2016.05.30S01.E01


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