Teen Wolf

Supergirl Casts Teen Wolf's Tyler Hoechlin As Its Superman

He'll probably be fine. (He's no Jon Hamm tho.) 2016.06.16

EHG Mini: The Never-Ending Story

Figuring out how today's shows will end...in Season 28. 2016.03.04

At Teen Wolf's Midseason Finale, Who's The Bleeder Of The Pack?

As we leave off for now, Theo's sketchy little plan comes to fruition, sort of, kind of, if you squint. 2015.08.25S05.E10

Tell Me Lies, Tell Me Sweet Little Lies

Teen Wolf's baby-faced villain has been such a surprisingly good liar (and his actor a shockingly talented Liars alum) that he's got us questioning our loyalties heading into the midseason finale. 2015.08.18S05.E09

Outta The Way, Parents! Teen Wolf Has A Baby Wolf To Save!

Scott stops being polite and starts getting real in the quest to save Liam and Hayden. Meanwhile, Kira finally remembers her Doctors appointment, but not until after she maybe/probably kills a girl. 2015.08.11S05.E08

Teen Wolf To Audience: 'Psych, Psych, Psych! Signed, Super-Psych.'

A lot of bad things happen to our heroes as they try to set a trap for the Doctors. One or two of them actually count. 2015.08.04S05.E07

The Library Is Open On Teen Wolf

Lotta reading this week for our Beacon Hills heroes. And not the fun kind where you pull your sunglasses down to the tip of your nose. 2015.07.28S05.E06

Teen Wolf Gets Third Eye Blinded

Clues from the book about the Doctors lead the gang to Eichen House and a meeting with the Three-Eyed Raven and then Jojen Reed got st-- wait, wrong show. 2015.07.21S05.E05

Deputy Parrish Is Teen Wolf's Human Tire Fire

So...not so much a phoenix, it seems. 2015.07.14S05.E04

Kanima-l Planet

A familiar monster type returns to plague Scott and his pack this week, and it's the less-likely trio of Lydia, Malia, and Kira (and Kira's boss kitsune flame suit) who have to stop her. 2015.07.07S05.E03

Bestie x Bestie

The Teen Wolf Teens still aren't aware of the external threat yet; they're mostly focused inward. So it's Scott versus AP Bio; Liam versus coming out as a wolf to his BFF Mason; and Stiles going all Stiles over his paranoia about Theo. 2015.07.01S05.E02

Senior Moments

The Beacon Hills kids are (mostly) seniors now! Time to make plans for the future, focus on their studies, and deal with a super-powered monster with glowsticks for claws! Also Lydia's in the future, and it looks STRESSFUL. 2015.06.29S05.E01

Putting The 'Irk' In 'Berserker'

...It works when you say it out loud. Season 4 loses its grip on its horses enough for a messy conclusion to the Kate/Peter storyline, but there's enough good to go around, even if the Stilinski family health plan isn't all it should be. 2015.06.09

Scotty's Got A Brand-New Pack

Season 4 brings a revamped main cast and about eight billion villains, but at least Malia Tate has incredible bedhead. 2015.06.02

The One Where Stiles Pukes Up A Trickster Mummy

Season 3 concludes with a face-off against the Nagitsune, more than one punch to the viewers' collective gut, and iron-clad evidence of a Dylan O'Brien modesty clause. 2015.05.26

More Like 'The Bae's Runner'

Everything's coming up Stiles in Season 3B! ...Actually, no, things are really kind of grim for Stiles in this next batch of episodes, but Dylan O'Brien's killing it, so it's a win for everyone. 2015.05.19

United Colors Of Nemeton

Season 3 comes together better than our Marathon Diarist could have hoped for, as Scott ends up with a pack of his own, and shipping rules the day. 2015.05.12

Druid 'Til You're Satisfied

A slow-ish start to Season 3's Alpha Pack storyline leaves some room at the top for Stiles to play True Detective on the case of a Druid-gone-bad who's been strangling the locals. 2015.05.05

Kanima Of The State

The back half of Season 2 is stacked (perhaps too stacked?) with all sorts of plot goodness, the resolution to Jackson's scary lizard-monster problem, and Isaac crying about his dog. 2015.04.28

I Run With A Fabulous Circle Of People

Pack mentality, a shape-shifty new monster, and Scary Grandpa Saul Tigh kick off Teen Wolf's second season with some genuine excitement. 2015.04.21

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