Teen Mom: S06

Farrah Waves Off Simon, Sophia's Tantrum, And Her Natural Hair Color On Teen Mom

While the moms take time to be moms, Ryan's girlfriend is busy mothering him. 2017.04.24S06.E17

Amber Tries to Be Glamber In Teen Mom's Midseason Premiere

The moms we didn't have time to miss are back with new businesses and old drama. 2017.04.17S06.E16

Maci, Taylor, And All Their Tattoos Get Married On Teen Mom

Cate's there for the big day, but Amber's busy getting plastic surgery and Farrah is off feuding with her future stepdad. 2016.11.28S06.E15

Teen Mom's Farrah Is Blonde Now, But That's the Only Way She Has Changed

The episode title, 'Cray Gardens,' almost makes it sound like Farrah's ongoing fights with Debra are fun. (They're not.) 2016.11.21S06.E14

Teen Mom's Maci Has A Stripper In Her Lap, Instead Of A Baby

What if Teen Mom met Magic Mike? At last, we have an answer. 2016.11.14S06.E13

On Teen Mom, Catelynn's Adoption Just Went From Open to Closed

Not pictured: Brandon and Teresa. Possibly forever. 2016.11.07S06.E12

Catelynn Has All the E-Mo-Tions on Teen Mom

There's a lot of actual parenting in this episode, except that Farrah's baby is a frozen yogurt shop. 2016.10.17S06.E10

Farrah's New Glasses Make Her Perspective Even Weirder on Teen Mom

This Father's Day, the two main storylines are Farrah's frozen yogurt, and Larry and Ryan's frozen relationship. 2016.10.10S06.E09

Maci Celebrates Mother's Day By Having Yet Another Baby On Teen Mom

Everyone celebrates in her own way: Catelynn with horses, Amber on a boat, and Farrah by partying with Pikachu. 2016.10.03S06.E08

Teen Mom's Catelynn And Tyler Go On A Hike -- But, Unfortunately, She Doesn't Tell Him To Take One

In a couples-centric episode, Amber and Matt buy a house, Maci and Taylor wait for their baby to come, and Farrah and Simon continue being toxic. 2016.09.26S06.E07

Teen Mom's Amber Takes A Break From Lying On The Couch To Lie On A Bed Instead

Meanwhile, Catelynn is replaced by photographs, and Tyler sees an opportunity for his big break. 2016.09.19S06.E06

Farrah Wears A Cocktail Dress On A Boat And That's Maybe Her Fifth Worst Decision On Teen Mom This Week

Meanwhile, Amber celebrates her birthday, Maci buys another house, and Catelynn goes away. 2016.09.12S06.E05

Teen Mom's Catelynn Regrets Her Piglet But Not Her Tyler

It's Easter, which means drama-filled egg hunts, grandparents in costume, and poorly thought out pet adoptions. 2016.09.05S06.E04

Teen Mom's Farrah Can't Decide If She's More Afraid Of Her Mom Or A Colonoscopy

Meanwhile: Amber gets a new ring, Maci gets a pretending-to-be-new bump, and Tyler throws the same old hissyfit. 2016.08.28S06.E03

Maci 'Yes, Finally's Taylor's Proposal as Teen Mom Returns

In other anticlimactic news, Catelynn is still sad, Matt is still a con artist, and Farrah is still making crew members pee outside. 2016.08.22S06.E01

Watch Amber Discuss Her Upcoming Wedding In A Preview From Monday's Teen Mom Premiere

Amber will make a beautiful bride, so it's a shame that seriously nobody in the world likes the groom. 2016.08.19S06.E01