Teen Mom 2

Jenelle Has Neither Hustle Nor Flow on Teen Mom 2

Plus: Kailyn tells us for the seventh time this season that she doesn't want to film, and everybody is pretty sick of her bullsnot. 2017.02.20S07.E21

Leah Gets Potentially Badses Newses About Her Girlses On Teen Mom 2

Chelsea, normally the grownup, lets loose at her bachelorette weekend, while Nathan, Jenelle, Kail, Jo, and Leah all mostly manage to be adults. 2017.02.13S07.E20

Chelsea Drives Away From A Parenting Storm On Teen Mom 2

This week and every week: lots of cute kids, lots of hurt feelings, lots of doubt that MTV started a therapy fund. 2017.02.06S07.E19

Internet Haters Are Really, Like, Ruining Jenelle's Pregnancy On Teen Mom 2

Meanwhile, Kailyn's new man's blurred face makes his first on-camera appearance. (Kinda.) 2017.01.30S07.E18

Leah Feels Achieved About Her Houseownership on Teen Mom 2

Meanwhile, Jenelle celebrates our new post-fact world by repeatedly lying about being knocked up. 2017.01.23S07.E17

Teen Mom 2's Kailyn Realizes That Life Has Never Been A Beach

Kail's in the ocean, but Leah's hometown is underwater. 2017.01.16S07.E16

Teen Mom 2's Chelsea Has A Cow About Having Another Kid

And the show celebrates its 100th episode with a lot of FaceTime conversations. 2017.01.11S07.E15

Teen Mom 2 Returns And Gives Jenelle Her Days In Court

All the Teen Mom 2 you missed, now with new and improved fourth wall breakage. 2017.01.03S07.E13

Teen Mom 2's Kail Almost Breaks Her Neck Trying To Inch Away From Dr. Drew

Meanwhile, Adam almost breaks his contract by trying to bail on the reunion. 2016.06.21S07.E14

The Teen Mom 2 Reunion Is All Whimper And No Bang

Unless we're talking about Jenelle and Kieffer maybe hooking up one last time, that is. 2016.06.14S07.E13

There's No 'Fun' In Finale, Or In Teen Mom 2-land

The seventh season ends on a major down note as Kail's marriage ends, Leah can't stop crying, and Jenelle and Barb go for Round 1,397 of their audition for The Mother Daughter Experiment. 2016.06.06S07.E12

Jenelle Fishes For Pills And Her Mother's Love On Teen Mom 2

Jenelle may be on the hunt, but Leah and Kail both have things they're trying to hide. 2016.05.30S07.E11

Leah Is Submitting This Episode Of Teen Mom 2 For Her Emmy Reel

Leah gets upset with Miranda and worries about Ali's weight, giving her plenty to drama queen about. The best supporting reality cryfaces come courtesy of Jenelle, Jenelle's mysterious illness, and Javi. 2016.05.23

America And Barb Want To Know What Jenelle's Damage Is On Teen Mom 2

Jenelle's latest lunkhead boyfriend calls the cops on Barb, while Kail deals with a deployed husband and Aubree gets her first pair of (pink, of course, do you even watch this show?) glasses. 2016.05.17S07.E09

Almost The Entire Teen Mom 2 Cast Deals with The Law -- Even Nathan, Who Might Live In A Brothel

Everyone's on a slippery slope -- just like Kaiser, who's careening toward the street, unsupervised. 2016.05.03S07.E08

Kail Sends Her Husband Off To Someplace Even Less Fun Than Delaware

In an episode full of almosts, Leah isn't putting Ali in the wheelchair she needs, Chelsea isn't changing Aubree's last name yet, and Jenelle still won't let Nathan see his kid. 2016.04.26S07.E07

Leah Can't Wait To Date Her Ex-Husband On Teen Mom 2

In a couple-heavy episode, there are two vacations, one deployment, and one disastrous reconciliation attempt. 2016.04.19S07.E06

Chelsea Gets An Engagement Ring And A Storyline On Teen Mom 2

Too bad you won't see the proposal (or Kail's miscarriage, or Jenelle's court date) on-camera, though. 2016.04.12S07.E05

On Teen Mom 2, Jenelle Ignores Her Current Kid For Her Previous One

Leah and Jenelle both enter an apparent "who can use their kid as a weapon the most" contest. 2016.04.11S07.E04

On Teen Mom 2, Leah Brings Her C-Minus Game

Leah and Corey's custody decision means he gets the girlses during the week, and Leah gets to continue not mentioning her pill habit on camera. 2016.04.05S07.E03

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