Switched At Birth

EHG 152: If It Please The Court: Better Call Saul

Jeff Drake returns to argue motions about the legal dramedy's third-season premiere! 2017.04.12

Switched At Birth Signs Off

Ranking the most (and least) satisfying moments as the Kennish-Vasquez clan says goodbye. 2017.04.11S05.E10

After This Penultimate Episode, Can We Even Handle One Final Switched At Birth?

And more important questions after an exhausting, satisfying hour. 2017.04.05S05.E09

Switched At Birth Lays Down Life Lessons

But who makes the grade as Bay, Daphne, and Toby deal with some grown-up stuff? 2017.03.29S05.E08

Who Knew Switched At Birth's Daphne Could Be Such A Great Grump?

And more questions sparked by the 100th episode! 2017.03.22

Switched At Birth Looks For That Loving Feeling

So just how much do you want to know about John's 'equipment'? 2017.03.09S05.E06

Switched At Birth Takes A Stand

Why this unusual episode ranks among the show's best. 2017.02.28S05.E05

Campus Tensions Rise On Switched At Birth

What do we want? To yell at Bess Armstrong. When do we want it? This episode. 2017.02.21S05.E04

Switched At Birth Invites You To A Wedding

No, you're the one tearing up as Toby and Lily head to the altar. 2017.02.15S05.E03

Can Switched At Birth's Daphne And Iris Get Past Mingo-Gate?

As Switched At Birth puts a friendship on the line, Sarah Beckham has questions! 2017.02.07S05.E02

Switched At Birth Returns For The Beginning Of The End

What's changed after Bay and Daphne's time in China? 2017.01.31S05.E01

Switched At Birth Says Goodbye, Hello, And...Huh?

Switched At Birth ends the season with more open ends than closure. 2015.10.27S04.E20

Does Anyone Else On Switched At Birth Having Something To Tell Bay?

Things come out into the open in the latest episode. 2015.10.20S04.E19

Switched At Birth Has A Midseason Night's Dream

There's a little farce, a few tears, and a big 'What?!' in the latest Switched At Birth. 2015.10.12S04.E18

Blindspot's Jane (Or 'Jane'?) Solves Mysteries On TV...But So Might Nancy Drew Again, Soon?

Ladies are finding clues and cracking cases in Lunch And A Show! 2015.10.06

Switched At Birth Cowgirls Up

Switched At Birth mulls questions of standing by your man -- and your art. 2015.10.05S04.E17

Guess Who's Coming To A Kennish Dinner On Switched At Birth?

Seriously, why couldn't the Kennishes guess this? This is just one of the puzzlers sparked by the latest Switched At Birth. 2015.09.28S04.E16

Switched At Birth Finds Out Whether What Happens In Mexico...You Know The Rest

Bay channels Frida Kahlo and Daphne channels Helen Keller as Switched At Birth goes on spring break. 2015.09.21S04.E15

Can Bay And Regina Weather Regina's New Life?

Bay worries about losing Regina to new love, and the suburbs, on Switched At Birth. 2015.09.14S04.E14

Who Will Get Hollywood Endings On Switched At Birth?

Predicting what comes next after this week's big developments. 2015.09.07S04.E13

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