Survivor: S31

Bold Strategy And Ball-Savviness Close Out Survivor 31

Before Survivor closes the book on Season 31 and crowns a new winner, it’s got at least one more totally crazypants Tribal Council to throw at us. And, of course, some balls. 2015.12.17S31.E14

Survivor: Cambodia And The Temple Of Buffoons

Lucky challenge winners take in the local culture; one more not-so-lucky Survivor cheats death; Jeff Probst finds new and irritating ways to split hairs. 2015.12.10S31.E13

Survivor Delivers Another Knockout Episode

Between a visit from loved ones and a terrifying near-death experience, the Survivors are in for a bit of an emotional roller coaster. 2015.12.02S31.E12

Survivor Presents A Double Dose Of Double-Crossing

Inclement weather and a smug host rubbing it in their faces make things miserable for the Survivors, but one in particular is having an extra-crappy time out there. 2015.11.26S31.E10

Cry Havoc, And Let Slip The Dogs Of Survivor

Survivor brings drama of nigh-Shakespearean proportions this week as a new voting bloc forms to upend the status quo. 2015.11.19S31.E09

Survivor Whips Out Its Shock And Balls

Survivor brings you all the plotting, scheming, and out-of-context ball jokes you've come to expect, followed by a moment you probably didn't. 2015.11.12S31.E08

Survivor Engages In Some Pest Control

The merge signals a brand-new game for the newly-christened Orkun tribe, but a couple of Survivors are having trouble shaking off old slights. 2015.11.05S31.E07

It's Time To Taste What You Most Fear On Survivor

After the gross food challenge rears its squishy, oddly-shaped head for the first time in several seasons, two former adversaries are compelled to reunite and work together. 2015.10.29S31.E06

Survivor Kicks It New-School

The Second Chancers learn many new and fascinating facts about marine biology, basic math, and of course a heaping helping of Survivor history. 2015.10.22S31.E05

Survivor Throws A Sausage Fest

Jeff Probst brings the double entendres to a unique new spin on a reward challenge as the Survivors continue adjusting to their new tribes. 2015.10.15S31.E04

And Then There Were Three

An unusual tribe swap results in a reversal of fortune for some Survivors; fast and furious strategizing ensues. 2015.10.08S31.E03

Don't Call It A Throwback

Flashbacks to previous seasons abound as one of the tribes loses a challenge and votes out another member; you know, just like they've done in all the previous seasons. 2015.10.01S31.E02

Survivor Veterans Get A Second Verse, Same As The First

Survivor kicks off as twenty former contestants head to Cambodia and get their second shot at the game. 2015.09.24S31.E01


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