Puzzling It Out

What to watch and what to skip as Survivor delivers its first killer tribal council of the season. 2013.10.10S27.E04

Quit Me, Baby, One More Time

What to watch and what to skip as Survivor experiences a quit, an injury, and a blindside all in one episode. 2013.10.03S27.E03

Skeeball Showdown

John misses Candice. Colton is a horse's ass. Gervase is handy with balls. Should you watch last night's Survivor? 2013.09.26S27.E02

Bro Down With Jeff Probst

What to watch and what to skip in the Survivor: Blood vs. Water season premiere. 2013.09.19S27.E01

EHG Mini: Important Reality TV Challenges

The EHG gang picks some memorable, important and fun reality TV challenges to talk about. 2013.09.19

EHG 5: You Wanna Be On Top?

The return of reality television's Old Man River, Survivor, prompts a discussion of the state of Reality TV, and in particular, what ingredients go into making a good reality competition series. 2013.09.16

Triumph Of The Well

Eleventh-hour medical discharge aside, Survivor ended its season predictably. But is that bad? 2013.05.13S26.E14

Let The Teardrops Fall

Peaches appears to have something in his eye. Something likeā€¦The Chicago Manual of Style? 2013.05.09S26.E13

The Transformation Of Reynold

The most interesting man on the jury. 2013.05.02S26.E12

Just How Phony Is Survivor?

More to the point, where's this most recent phoniness going? 2013.04.25S26.E11

We Are The Locutions 'Once Again' And 'Back'

And we mean the same thing, hobst with the mobst. 2013.04.11S26.E09