Three Cheers For The No, White, And Blue

Survivor's thirtieth season kicks off with three tribes divided by occupation. Also, one guy eats a scorpion. 2015.02.25S30.E01

EHG Mini: Crossover 2015

Ron asked us to mix it up, show-wise, which is how Jeff Probst wound up with an arrow through his stupid chambray work shirt. 2015.01.09

Winnie, Twinnie, Chicken Dinnie?

Will the most strategic player make it through the dangerous final tribal councils, or is your faithful correspondent doomed to disappointment yet again? 2014.12.18S29.E14

I Love It When A Plan Comes Together

A player breaks a bone, but will he or she also break his or her alliance? 2014.12.11S29.E13

Two Men Out

In this double-length episode, a lot of strategizing leads up to some pretty predictable results. 2014.12.04S29.E11

Hanging On By A Thread

With Josh gone, Reed starts thinking about a three-way, and things get crazy as a result. 2014.11.27S29.E10

That's Gratitude For Ya

Some people just don't know how to properly accept a gift. 2014.11.20S29.E09

Swing, Votes, Swing!

Jon and Jaclyn get pulled in both directions, and we hear about it incessantly. 2014.11.13S29.E08

The Mergin' Of Menace

Everyone comes together into one nice happy little family. OR DO THEY? 2014.11.06S29.E07

Water, Water, Every Win

When Water can't foil Blood on their own, the Bags O' Puzzle Pieces will step in to help. 2014.10.30S29.E06

Mother-And-Child Reunion

Is it true that the family that plays together stays together? Let's find out! 2014.10.23S29.E05

Twin Killing

With Rocker out of the game, who will step up to fill the jackass vacancy? Let's find out! 2014.10.16S29.E04

The Not-So-Amazing Racist

People yell at John Rocker. John Rocker threatens various people. It's family fun for everyone! 2014.10.09S29.E03

A Bloody Mess

More Blood is shed, in more ways than one. 2014.10.02S29.E02

Relatively Painless

In which we begin a new season of Survivor by tearing families asunder! 2014.09.25S29.E01

Casting The CBS Triple Crown

No, there's no new reality show called Triple Crown. We're speculating about which reality star will be the first to achieve the CBS trifecta of appearing on all three of Survivor, The Amazing Race, and Big Brother? 2014.09.24

Lunkhead Supreme?

Will the luckiest player in the show's history get lucky one last time? 2014.05.22S28.E13

Playing Dirty

Mud gets slung, literally and figuratively, in the most entertaining episode of the season. 2014.05.15S28.E12

Reading People Is Fundamental

They may have visited a school, but certain Survivors need some remedial lessons in strategy. And acting. 2014.05.08S28.E11


In which the maneuvering is about as entertaining as it can be with eight hundred immunity idols in play. 2014.05.01S28.E10