EHG Mini: Real Presidents

The reality hosts who SHOULD be in the Oval Office. 2016.02.17

Bold Strategy And Ball-Savviness Close Out Survivor 31

Before Survivor closes the book on Season 31 and crowns a new winner, it’s got at least one more totally crazypants Tribal Council to throw at us. And, of course, some balls. 2015.12.17S31.E14

Real Booze, Runway Fabric, And RuPaul's Cross-Stitch: Gifts For Unscripted/Reality Fans

Lunch And A Show gives new meaning to the term 'gag gift.' Pass the Shot-Ski! 2015.12.11

Survivor: Cambodia And The Temple Of Buffoons

Lucky challenge winners take in the local culture; one more not-so-lucky Survivor cheats death; Jeff Probst finds new and irritating ways to split hairs. 2015.12.10S31.E13

Survivor Delivers Another Knockout Episode

Between a visit from loved ones and a terrifying near-death experience, the Survivors are in for a bit of an emotional roller coaster. 2015.12.02S31.E12

Survivor Presents A Double Dose Of Double-Crossing

Inclement weather and a smug host rubbing it in their faces make things miserable for the Survivors, but one in particular is having an extra-crappy time out there. 2015.11.26S31.E10

Watch All '80s TV Advertising Mashed Up In A Single Mesmerizing Supercut

It's Throwback Thursday in Lunch And A Show! 2015.11.19

Cry Havoc, And Let Slip The Dogs Of Survivor

Survivor brings drama of nigh-Shakespearean proportions this week as a new voting bloc forms to upend the status quo. 2015.11.19S31.E09

Empire, Survivor, Carol Burnett, And Jackie Taylor All Invite You To Pick A Fight

Whether you're battling church giggles, a blindside, or looking like an idiot, Lunch And A Show is in your corner. 2015.11.12

Survivor Whips Out Its Shock And Balls

Survivor brings you all the plotting, scheming, and out-of-context ball jokes you've come to expect, followed by a moment you probably didn't. 2015.11.12S31.E08

EHG 94: Less Kissing, More Superpowers

That's Monty Ashley's recommendation as he joins us for superhero TV talk, a Nonac, alphabet Game Time, and more! 2015.11.10

Survivor Engages In Some Pest Control

The merge signals a brand-new game for the newly-christened Orkun tribe, but a couple of Survivors are having trouble shaking off old slights. 2015.11.05S31.E07

EHG Mini: Smell This

Shows that smell like they could be crossover scent hits. 2015.11.04

I Can't Believe You Ate The Whole Lunch And A Show

Survivor, Below Deck, and the 90210 Visual Aids will all have you reaching for the Alka. 2015.10.29

It's Time To Taste What You Most Fear On Survivor

After the gross food challenge rears its squishy, oddly-shaped head for the first time in several seasons, two former adversaries are compelled to reunite and work together. 2015.10.29S31.E06

Lunch And A Show Takes A History

Drunk History, family history, American history, and ham! 2015.10.22

Survivor Kicks It New-School

The Second Chancers learn many new and fascinating facts about marine biology, basic math, and of course a heaping helping of Survivor history. 2015.10.22S31.E05

Survivor Throws A Sausage Fest

Jeff Probst brings the double entendres to a unique new spin on a reward challenge as the Survivors continue adjusting to their new tribes. 2015.10.15S31.E04

Survivors Move Beaches, Couples Move Into Therapy And Everyone Moves In To The American Horror Story: Hotel

Everyone's figuring out where to hang their paintings and/or machetes in Lunch And A Show! 2015.10.08