O Canon-baum, O Canon-baum

We honor the gifts YOU give US by considering user-submitted Canon well as an, um, amazing pilot. 2017.12.27

Is A Halloween Supernatural Really Special When It's Always Halloween On Supernatural?

It's just another day at the office for the Winchesters. 2016.10.28S12.E03

Is Rick Springfield Going To Hell On Supernatural?

Does Lady Toni freak when she gets blood spatter on her pants, or does she have a magic dry cleaner? 2016.10.21S12.E02

Why Do The British Men Of Letters Even Need Supernatural's Sam And Dean?

The Winchesters are back and we have so many questions. 2016.10.14S12.E01

EHG Mini: The More-iginals

Mo' better spinoffs for CW shows. 2016.05.20

This Has To Be The Crappiest Superhero/Supernatural Team Ever

Nice try, God, but you may have wanted a more considered plan of attack. 2016.05.19S11.E22

God Is Not A Helicopter Parent, Thank You Very Much

But what is it with the Big Guy and curling on Supernatural? 2016.05.12S11.E21

Just Call Him Chuck, Because He's Humble That Way

Of course Supernatural's version of God digs cat videos. 2016.05.05S11.E20

Would It Be So Bad To Have Extra Hunters On Supernatural?

Why create two really awesome hunter characters and send them to a stupid horse farm? 2016.04.28S11.E19

I Am The Horn Of Joshua, And I Am So Pissed At Everyone In Supernatural

I've been around since Biblical times, and these guys toss me around like a Kleenex? 2016.04.07S11.E18

Supernatural's Sam And Dean Don't Work Out, So How Are They So Durable?

And other not-quite-burning questions about 'Red Meat.' 2016.03.30S11.E17

Ask Supernatural's Dead Good Ol' Boy Hunter Dude

Just because Bobby's dead doesn't mean he doesn't give good advice. 2016.03.24S11.E16

Supernatural Didn't REALLY Have To Strip Away One Of Dean's Very Last Illusions, Did It?

Liane is not a crackpot; she just thinks the show could have let the episode pass without ruining pro wrestling with demons. 2016.02.25S11.E15

Supernatural Teaches The Winchester Boys The Fine Art of Dyeing

It turns out Valentine's Day is all right for cursing your husband. 2016.02.11S11.E13

Supernatural Teaches Sulky Teenagers A Tough Lesson On Appreciating What They Have (And Some Vampires Help)

And how do these straight teen girls not think Sam and Dean are hot? 2016.02.03S11.E12

Ask Supernatural's Brain-Eating Banshee

Before she makes you bash your head in. The Winchesters just have allll the lady problems this season, no? 2016.01.28S11.E11

Lucifer Is Absolutely The Worst Ex-Boyfriend You Ever Had

The Darkness Looks like a dream date next to this guy. 2016.01.21S11.E10

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