EHG Mini: FMK III: The Re-en-FMKening

Glark makes us marry chickens, remote control buttons, and more. 2017.02.24

As A Guy And A Girl Go Head To Head, Supergirl Revisits A Familiar Debate

Also: watch what happens when two less-qualified men nominate themselves for a Girl's job. 2017.01.31S02.E10

EHG Mini: FMK II: The FMKening

We presented TV-related FMKs to each other. 2017.01.30

Supergirl Faces Kevin And Hell

The DC Universe welcomes a guest director who's a true Comic Book Man -- and so does Jeff Alexander. 2017.01.24S02.E09

The Legends Of Tomorrow Take On The Aliens Of Today

Fortunately, they've got help from the rest of the DC universe. 2016.12.01S02.E07

Cupid's Arrow Gets An Assist From Deadlier Weapons On Supergirl

Are the Girl of Steel and her sister becoming girls who steal hearts? 2016.11.29S02.E08

What Happened On Supergirl? What DIDN'T Happen?

Ranking the episode's plots and subplots, from A to 32-Epsilon-Z. 2016.11.22S02.E07

Is Supergirl Becoming A Supporting Character On Her Own Show?

Kara's friends have problems of their own; are they going to suck the life out of her? 2016.11.15S02.E06

Ask Supergirl's Evil Mystery Scientist

The Cadmus boss shares a surprising range of knowledge, from alien weaponry to underground video production to…parenting? 2016.11.08S02.E05

Does Supergirl Have A Future Sister-In-Law?

Maybe it’s finally Alex's turn to 'enjoy' a romantic subplot (i.e., mooning over someone unavailable)? 2016.11.01S02.E04

EHG 133: Looking Into The Black Mirror

Daniel MacEachern joins the panel to discuss Netflix's dystopian anthology, Canadian educational programming vérité, and more! 2016.10.25

Supergirl's Jimmy Olsen Will Bankrupt Catco In Three Months

Daniel MacEachern is not a crackpot. He just thinks it's completely obvious that Snapper Carr is much more qualified to run Catco than Jimmy Olsen. 2016.10.25S02.E03

So Long, Supergirl

With all the changes in Kara's life lately, it's time to rank the things we'll miss the most (and least). 2016.10.18S02.E02

Supergirl Faces Luke Cage In The Contest Of The Close Comic-Book Cousins

Are the Harlem villains any match for what remains of the House of El? 2016.10.10S02.E01

Supergirl Casts Teen Wolf's Tyler Hoechlin As Its Superman

He'll probably be fine. (He's no Jon Hamm tho.) 2016.06.16

Who Should Be Supergirl's Superman?

When the Man of Steel next shows his face on The CW as Supergirl's cousin, whose face should it actually be? 2016.06.07

The Supergirl Finale Gets Heavy

Kara finishes out a season with the world on her shoulders. 2016.04.19S01.E20

Supergirl Faces Myriad Problems

Now that National City's population has gone Walking Dead, expect similar solutions (i.e., a lot of talking). 2016.04.12S01.E19

When Barry Met Kara On Supergirl

When The Flash comes to National City, he makes some fast friends. 2016.03.29S01.E18

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