Donna Gets Litt Up, But Will Louis Regret Burning Their Friendship?

As Louis lashes out against everyone around him, his betrayal by Donna seems to cut the deepest. 2015.01.29S04.E11

Suits Sends Louis To The Wolves

And the suits are going to wish he never found his way back. 2014.08.21S04.E10

The Ladies Of Suits Wear Zero Suits

Let's review their looks -- in and out of the office. 2014.06.19S04.E02

Jessica Starts Taking 'Morning Meetings'

Probably giving some too. If you follow. ('Morning meeting' = Sex.) 2014.06.12S04.E01

Game Of Aeron Task Chairs

The third season of Suits was invaded by the cast of Game Of Thrones. Fortunately, winter is coming. 2013.09.18S03.E10

Kids Outside The Hall

Toronto's CBC Broadcast Centre guest-stars in the latest Suits. 2013.09.11S03.E09

Street Style

Of course it's hard to time shots in order not to have TTC streetcars in them. But Suits should try. 2013.09.04S03.E08

You Can't Stay Indoors For A Whole Episode, Suits

Nice try, but our commentator's determination to spot Toronto will not be denied. 2013.08.28S03.E07

Ten Years Ago, The Events Of Suits ALSO Happened In Toronto

Flashing back to some recognizable Toronto architecture. 2013.08.21S03.E06

Suits Continues Its Tour Of Downtown Toronto

Hi, TTC sign! 2013.08.14S03.E05

The CN Tower Was On Suits This Week

Don't make the same mistake our commentator did and get way too excited about it. 2013.08.07S03.E04

Harvey Will Really Go A Long Way For A Nice Lunch!

Canada was all over Suits again last night. Sloppy! 2013.07.31S03.E03

Everybody Loves Mike

Mike finds himself in the middle of a friendship triangle on Suits. 2013.07.24S03.E02

New York Has Three Airports, None Of Which Was On Suits Last Night

We spotted some Canada in the Season 3 premiere. 2013.07.17S03.E01

Suits Is Not White Collar

But I understand why you might mix them up. 2013.01.25S02.E12


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