Stranger Things

Is The Other Two Number One In Our Hearts?

Joe Reid joins us for the unexpected twists and delicate balance of Comedy Central's brill new sitcom, plus Pose for the Canon, shows we can't love, and more! 2019.01.30

An Inter-Series Affair To Remember

Pairing characters in relationships we don't care for with superior partners from other shows. 2018.01.08

Getting Locked Up With Alias Grace

Allison Lowe Huff returns with Rob Hartmann to talk about premium TV's latest Margaret Atwood adaptation! 2017.11.01

Grover's Disco ABCs vs. Coffee and Contemplation

It's poor disco conditioning vs. what mornings are for! 2017.04.10

Watch A Teaser For Season 2 Of Stranger Things

Not one long enough for you to toast an Eggo, but still. 2017.02.06

EHG Mini: Wig Cop Back On The Beat

Considering some of 2016's most memorable faux hair. 2017.01.03

Watch Brenda Wood From 5 WIYZ Hawkins Talk About Barb's Fate In This Stranger Things 'Archival Footage'

It seems like Nancy was too busy making out with Steve Harrington to comment. 2016.11.01

Bionic Sound Effects vs. The Demogorgon

It's na-na-na-na-na-na vs. a D&D monster come to life! 2016.10.30

Watch An Explanation Of Season 1 Of Stranger Things, In Case You're Still A Little Bit Confused

Unfortunately, it doesn't explain whether or not Barb's parents actually missed her. 2016.10.25

Watch David Harbour From Stranger Things Audition For The Role Of Eleven

Harbour also reveals his seamstress abilities in this Funny Or Die sketch. 2016.10.11

Watch A Tribute To Stranger Things Starring Hamsters

The Upside Down has never been so fluffy! 2016.10.07

Watch Steve From Stranger Things And Jean-Ralphio From Parks & Recreation Meet Up In Person On The Late Late Show

James Corden is apparently the next Maury, bringing father and son together. 2016.09.23

Watch Jesse Tyler Ferguson And Alan Cumming Help Out With The Late Late Show With James Corden's Inappropriate Musicals

For some strange reason, a singing Heisenberg just seems way less intimidating! 2016.09.21

Watch The Kids From Stranger Things Sing And Dance To 'Uptown Funk' In This Pre-Emmy Awards Clip

'How can we entertain people while they find their seats?' 'Well, uh. We have these kids here.' 2016.09.19

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