Star Trek

Reflecting On A New Season Of Black Mirror

Nick Rheinwald-Jones on the latest installment of Netflix's tech-thology series, plus a Master Of None Canon, and Game Time gets us in a state! 2018.01.03

Double Trouble

TV characters who need evil twins. 2017.11.09

EHG Mini: Star Trek: 90210

Trading Star Trek characters for ones that are hip to the zip! 2017.06.12

EHG Mini: Stardate 50 Years From Now

Predicting which almost-cancelled show of our time is destined to be a megafrenchise for generations to come. 2017.04.17

EHG Mini: FMK IV: Georges, Star Trek & Twin Peaks

Dave tasks us with disgusting choices and we all learn things we can't unknow. 2017.03.13

That Star Trek Fight Music vs. 'Five By Five'

It's the soundtrack to buddies in bad times vs. sitrep from Faith! 2017.02.10

'Because I'm in Love with Monica' vs. That Star Trek Fight Music

It's Bing and Buffay's Seven Minutes in Heaven vs. the soundtrack to buddies in bad times! 2017.02.09

Some Reassembly Is Required In Building Star Trek

But it tells an engaging, if budge, tale. 2016.09.02

Star Trek's Medium Brown Tribble With Little White Spots Speaks!

The trouble with tribbles is carrying a knife when you don't have opposable thumbs. 2016.07.29S02.E15

Star Trek Faces Bones In The Ultimate Bones-off!

TOS's McCoy battles Bones's Brennan to determine which doctor best deserves their shared nickname. 2016.07.29

Ask The Vulcan Chick Who Told Spock To Stuff His Arranged Marriage

Her name is T'Pring, and she's got a good, pointy-eared head on her shoulders! 2016.07.28S02.E01

A Few Other People Born March 22 Who Might Serve As Star Trek Captains

Maybe Shat's still where it's at -- but maybe someone else who shares Buntsy's birthday is a better choice? 2016.07.28

I Am The Bat'leth from Star Trek

I am the sword...the shield...the legend. 2016.07.27

'Miri' Faces 'And The Children Shall Lead' In The Battle Of The Star Trek Brats

Star Trek: TOS takes a clear position on kids, which is that they're kind of the worst. But which are the worst of the worst? 2016.07.27

Vote For The Best Star Trek Fantasy Draft Team!

The winner gets a donation and some dilithium crystals! Boldly go vote today! 2016.07.26

EHG 124: Where No EHG Has Gone Before: The Star Trek Fantasy Draft

Variety's Mo Ryan and draft captain David Snyder join us to explore distant worlds...and fight over who gets Spock. 2016.07.26

Limber Up Your Fingers: It's The All-TV-Shows 'Live Long And Prosper' Supercut!

Spock would be so proud, if pride were an emotion he were capable of feeling. 2016.07.26

Tom Snyder Got Deep With Kelley, Doohan, And Koenig On Tomorrow

The layout of the ship, the show's cult status, and whether the network wanted everyone in the cast. 2016.07.25

The Time SNL Boldly Went Where No One Had Gone Before

Everyone remembers William Shatner telling Trekkers to get a life, but do you remember when Khan shut the Enterprise down for a health code violation? 2016.07.25S12.E08

And Now, George Takei: A Cameo Compilation

A tribute to an actor who's really mastered one very memorable role: himself! 2016.07.25

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