Star Trek: The Next Generation

Extra Hot GreatFL

Choosing our color commentators for the XFL reboot. 2018.02.05

Bills, Bills, Bills

TV's most important and beloved Bills (and Williams). 2018.01.30

EHG Mini: Star Trek: 90210

Trading Star Trek characters for ones that are hip to the zip! 2017.06.12

HOF: The Picard Maneuver vs. HOF: Dorothy Zbornak's Wordless Reactions

It's an epidemic of uniform tugging vs. silent, withering scorn! 2017.05.24

HOF: Picture It: Sicily 1904 vs. HOF: The Picard Maneuver

It's Sophia Petrillo's trusty tall-tale intro vs. an epidemic of uniform tugging! 2017.05.23

EHG Mini: Disparity

Which show had the biggest range between its best episode and its worst? 2017.05.01

EHG Mini: FMK III: The Re-en-FMKening

Glark makes us marry chickens, remote control buttons, and more. 2017.02.24

EHG Mini: Making Our Hallmark

Creating and populating our own Hallmark Christmas movies. 2016.12.12

EHG Mini: The Heist

Assembling a dream team of TV characters to get our Ocean's 11 on. 2016.11.23

Listen To 'Data & Picard,' A Star Trek: The Next Generation Remix

Even non-fans will appreciate the 'groovin' in front of rocks' shots. 2016.10.18

EHG 125: The Question Is Zoot

Is an all-'Is This Worse Than Jazz?' episode of Extra Hot Great worse than jazz? Prepare to find out! 2016.08.02

William T. Riker And The Trombone Of Mystery

What's cooler than Commander Riker? God, just about anything. But dress that Christmas ham up with a little trombone and hello, ladies. 2016.07.29

Star Trek: TNG's Borg vs. Buffy's Adam Face Off In The Battle Of Monotonous Frankenvillains With Lots Of Stuff Glued To Them

Which cautionary tale about artificial intelligence is more likely to make us put our iPhones in the blender? 2016.07.28

On Star Trek, 'Q' Is For 'Quite Extraordinary'

The all-powerful plot device known as Q provided several Star Trek series with a necessary dose of perspective and snark -- and paved the path for our culture of internet commenters. 2016.07.27

I Am The Bat'leth from Star Trek

I am the sword...the shield...the legend. 2016.07.27

Star Trek: The Next Generation Predicted Just How Far Pokémon Go Could Go

Al Lowe's not a crackpot, but she just wonders: is it already too late? 2016.07.27S05.E06

Star Trek: The Next Generation S03: Oh Crap, Son, It’s The Borg

But that's just one highlight in our more descriptive Season 3 episode blurbs. 2016.07.26

Patrick Stewart 'Wanders Through The Alphabet' With A Random Musical Number On The Set Of TNG

Not sure if this is an outtake or a dream sequence or what. Definitely know it's cute. 2016.07.26

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