Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

The Story Of Ralph Cifaretto's Toupee vs. Quark's Root Beer Analogy

It's wig-snatching and body hacking vs. an outsider view of the Federation! 2016.09.24

Silent Dialog vs. "Big Bird, Mr. Hooper's Not Coming Back"

It's the best gig on TV vs. that time Sesame Street got real! 2016.08.31

Silent Dialog vs. Kalinda's Ice Cream

It's the best gig on TV vs. a 32nd flavor! 2016.08.30

Silent Dialog vs. Pikachu Picks

It's the best gig on TV vs. the time a silly cartoon got the emotion right! 2016.08.29

Robotic Richard Simmons vs. Silent Dialog

It's a booty-shaking security mechanism vs. the best gig on TV! 2016.08.28

EHG Mini: Best Lesser Captain

@SCalliWegg asked us which captain's the best amongst Sisko, Archer, and Janeway -- and one panelist left a SPAAAAAAACE!!! in our hearts. 2016.08.01

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine S01: Just What The Hell IS Odo, Anyway?

And other important highlights from our more descriptive Season 1 episode blurbs. 2016.07.29

On Star Trek, 'Q' Is For 'Quite Extraordinary'

The all-powerful plot device known as Q provided several Star Trek series with a necessary dose of perspective and snark -- and paved the path for our culture of internet commenters. 2016.07.27

I Am The Bat'leth from Star Trek

I am the sword...the shield...the legend. 2016.07.27

EHG 124: Where No EHG Has Gone Before: The Star Trek Fantasy Draft

Variety's Mo Ryan and draft captain David Snyder join us to explore distant worlds...and fight over who gets Spock. 2016.07.26

Scully Calls Mulder 'Poopyhead' vs. Sisko Punches Q

It's Gillian Anderson's flawless delivery of a faux endearment vs. the fisticuffs heard 'round the gamma quadrant! 2015.12.08