Regina King Went On Family Feud As Her 227 Character, Brenda

Second prize is TWO pairs of those shoulderpads! ...Sorry: two MORE pairs besides the two she's already wearing! Oh, eighties. 2016.09.22

Logue Connection

Sarah digs Donal, even in mediocre projects; here's why. 2014.05.15

EHG 6: Canna-Vale Of Tears

Emmys! Dead pool! TV Forcenings! Happy Endings! Game Time! Winners! Dog Butts! Exclamation points! 2013.09.23

Quiet Riot

This author won't take to the streets over Southland's near-shutout in the Emmy noms. She just wants to know why. 2013.07.18

Officers Down

Southland got sacked last week. Should you give it a look anyway? 2013.05.13

End Of Watch

The fifth-season finale could send the series out on top. 2013.04.18S05.E10

Tony Award

Out of a brutal episode, newfound respect for a formerly despised actor. 2013.04.11S05.E09

'Tell Chick Baby You're Sorry!'

That you're not watching Southland. 2013.03.28S05.E07


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