Southern Charm: S03

T-Rav Has Sober Epiphanies As The Southern Charm Reunion Concludes

Among them: that he should have gotten media training two seasons ago. 2016.07.06S03.E15

Andy Cohen Fails Interviewing 101 And Southern Etiquette Class On The Southern Charm Reunion

People get slandered and sloshed and it's all very tacky. 2016.06.28S03.E14

Don't Let The Founders Balls Hit You On The Way Out, Southern Charm's Thomas

Everyone is still alive at the end of the Southern Charm season finale...that we know of. 2016.06.21S03.E12

Panic At The Dinner Party (Where No One Gets To Eat) On Southern Charm

Thomas gives everyone advice and, eventually, embolisms. 2016.06.14S03.E11

Thomas Faces The Unkindest Cut Of All On Southern Charm

Dudes be in trouble this week, circumcised or not. 2016.06.07S03.E10

Hold Onto Your Crappy Bourbon And Unfounded Grudges, The (Other) Ravenel Baby Is Here On Southern Charm

Per usual, the sound of whining Southern men breaks all of our waters. 2016.05.31S03.E09

Southern Charm's Whitney Hates Craig, He Hates Him So F---ing Much

The soundtrack to this episode: the dulcet tones of everyone's rage. 2016.05.24S03.E08

Southern Charm Goes To The Woods To Scream About Its Inner Turmoil

Shep brings everyone on a nature retreat so that they can ineffectively deal with themselves. 2016.05.17S03.E07

Southern Charm Wonders Whose Dead Body Can Most Easily Be Stuffed Into A Bourbon Barrel

Craig would like to find out, except most of us would like that body to be his. 2016.05.10S03.E06

Southern Charm's Landon Throws You The Worst Party Of Your Whole Entire Life

Flamingos are the least of everyone's problems this week. 2016.05.03S03.E05

On Southern Charm, Flamingos Drive A Golf Cart Right Through Your Soul

And other dispatches from the 144 Flamingo Experience. 2016.04.26S03.E04

On Southern Charm, Thomas Can't Hold A Candle To Patricia And Her Caftans

A polo match results in a giant, steaming pile of nope. 2016.04.19S03.E03

On Southern Charm, Kathryn Has A Lot In Common With Cameran's Kitchen Appliances

They're both excluded, but so far, only one of them has been locked in a closet. 2016.04.12S03.E02

Everyone On Southern Charm Was Asleep During Sex Ed Class

Thomas sees you a positive pregnancy test and raises you electroshock therapy. 2016.04.05S03.E01


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