So You Think You Can Dance

Getting Our Hands On The Defenders

Adam Grosswirth returns to talk about Netflix's Marvel superhero team-up! 2017.08.24

The Great Herring War vs. Lauren Froderman, "At Last"

It's the best St. Olaf tale vs. a glimpse of the sublime in reality TV! 2017.05.01

It's Filler, Filler Everywhere On The So You Think You Can Dance Finale

After an interminable parade of character moments, flashbacks, b-roll, and recycled performances, SYTYCD: TNG finally crowns a winner. 2016.09.13S13.E13

So You Think You Can Dance Refuses To Cut Any More Children

In the penultimate episode of this wayward season, best routines of the year are reprised, and no one goes home. Great. 2016.09.06S13.E12

So You Think You Can Dance Thinks It Can Also Choreograph

SYTYCD celebrates 250 episodes with a few special (and not-so-special) guest stars. 2016.08.30S13.E11

It's So You Think You Can Dance, Not So You Think You Can Sit In A Tree

SYTYCD welcomes everyone back from a two-week hiatus with an hour of great dancing and an hour of pure filler. 2016.08.23S13.E10

So You Think You Can Dance Is The Land of A Thousand Tear-Jerkers

The top eight get mercilessly cut down to six, but not before everybody performs a routine with some kind of message or another. 2016.08.02S13.E09

So You Think You Can Dance Is Starting With The Kid In The Mirror

The top nine dancers all perform in their home styles, with their mentors. It means JT knocks out a Travis Wall routine, while Nigel lectures the kids on how to be good little soldiers. 2016.07.26S13.E08

Oh Right, Now's When So You Think You Can Dance Ruthlessly Eliminates Children

The elimination stage is upon us. Which means that for every adorable dancer, we'll get one heart-wrenching elimination. Gotta start somewhere. 2016.07.19S13.E07

So You Think You Can Dance Showcases Ten Kids, Two Hours, One Amazing Pantsuit

The ten finalists finally get their chance to strut their stuff, with a little help from their mentors, some of whom have changed a lot since last week. 2016.07.11S13.E06

So You Think You Can Dance Gets A Top 10 We Actually Know

The ten all-stars settle on ten tykes to take to the finals. Which children will you be booing next week? 2016.06.27S13.E05

So You Think You Can Dance Experiments With Adulting

The all-stars show up for the Academy phase of SYTYCD Babies. Basically, it's The Voice now. 2016.06.21S13.E04

It's A Daddy-Daughter Dance On So You Think You Can Dance: TNG

The New York auditions present a couple dancers with actual maturity. And then there are the overzealous dads and kids who based their costumes on Magic Mike. Kids ruin everything. 2016.06.14S13.E03

There Must Be A Drought In Chicago, Because These So You Think You Can Dance Parents Are Thirsty

The auditions roll into Chicago, where we get ballet, puking, and more camera-hungry parents than you could ever imagine 2016.06.06S13.E02

On So You Think You Can Dance, Kids Are The Final Frontier

After rebranding as 'The Next Generation,' SYTYCD is back with a youthful makeover. America's Kids Got Dancing, y'all! 2016.05.31S13.E01

EHG 112: THIS...Was American Idol (And Some Other Stuff)

Stephanie Cangro is back to talk former juggernauts and vintage slapstick. 2016.04.12

Kitten Mittens vs. The Hot Tamale Train

It's an elegant, comfortable mitten for cats vs. Mary Murphy's ear-splitting shriek of approval! 2015.10.23

EHG 88: They Win Some, We Lose Some

You can't have an Emmy episode without Joe "Smooth Joey Apollo" Reid, so don't worry: we got him. 2015.09.23

Really? Her?

Just how did America blow a popular-vote reality show this time? 2015.09.15S12.E17

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