Silicon Valley

Should Silicon Valley Get Another Round Of Funding?

Bobby Finger joins the panel for a discussion of the HBO comedy's fifth season premiere, plus a The Leftovers Canon, Latin-geek Game Time, and more! 2018.03.28

Watch A Trailer For Season 4 Of Silicon Valley

'There's something called "mansplaining." Ladies? Have you heard about this?' - Erlich. 2017.03.29

Watch John Oliver Pop Up All Over HBO's Schedule In A New Promo For Last Week Tonight

One thing is undeniable: Last Week Tonight is one of HBO's Sunday night shows. 2017.01.18

EHG Mini: The Seven Deadly Sins

Assigning vices to TV characters. 2016.11.16

Celebrating All The Jaredest Faces Jared Makes In Silicon Valley's Season 3 Finale

Once again, the lads find themselves in a pickle (getting a Series B funding offer based on fraudulent data) and once again wriggle out of it (when Erlich buys the now very affordable company). Along the way, Zach Woods makes some amazing Jared faces...and here they are. 2016.06.27S03.E10

EHG Mini: Slacker Genie Scenario

Wish granted! ...Wish forgotten. 2016.06.09

EHG 114: Blindly Watching Game Of Thrones

Old gods Nick Rheinwald-Jones and Jeff Drake join the panel to talk the Season 6 premiere, 30 Rock, and Game Tome! 2016.04.26

HBO Renews Game Of Thrones, Silicon Valley, And Veep

So that's your spring 2017 sorted. 2016.04.21

Silicon Valley Braces For Judgment

It might lose style points every now and again, but this show sure knows how to stick the landing. 2015.06.14S02.E10

Battle Of The Super-Rich Guys Freaking Out Over A Financial Loss

Episodes and Silicon Valley each had an extraordinarily wealthy character completely lose his shit over a blow to his net worth. Which did it better? 2015.05.29

Battle Of The Scientifically Enhanced Poo Pitchers

Which of this week's turd-tossers is the more compelling: Orphan Black's Helena, or Silicon Valley's Kiko? 2015.05.11S02.E05

Going Back Into The Valley

Will Season 2 of Silicon Valley deliver optimal tip-to-tip efficiency? 2015.04.10S02.E01

How Silicon Valley Became A Successful Startup

You can't please all the people all of the time, but if you can figure out how to please eight hundred guys in ten minutes.... 2014.06.01S01.E08

Computer Programmer Seeks Female Woman Lady

Silicon Valley's 'Pakistani Denzel' is single and ready to mingle! 2014.05.18

Raging Erlich Is Among The Best Erlichs

Let's all relive the best moment of the latest Silicon Valley together. 2014.05.12S01.E06

Why Not Stay A While In Silicon Valley?

The new HBO comedy still has room to grow, but its characters deliver the goods. 2014.04.25

Are You On Your Computer? Don't Make Us Watch

It's perfectly sane to believe internet usage makes boring TV. 2014.04.23

HBO Renews Silicon Valley And Veep

More business plans, more Beltway deals. 2014.04.21

We Went To Jared

Silicon Valley's Jared Dunn is a stray dog that we should totally adopt: just look at those sad sad eyes! 2014.04.13S01.E02

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