Shark Tank: S07

Pavlov's Dog Of A Product Ends Shark Tank's Season

Season 7 ends like so many of the 28 episodes that preceded it, with a guy who's got no business being on the show wasting everybody's time. 2016.05.21S07.E29

Shark Tank Presents: Sharks Behaving Badly

You know what's not investable? Good manners, if the pompous plutocrats on Shark Tank are anything to go by. 2016.05.14S07.E28

Spooning With The Sharks

The Sharks spend this week hugging it out with anyone who comes asking for money, and we try and make sense of this brave new world. 2016.05.07S07.E27

Shark Tank Needs To Stay After Class

A misbegotten app aimed at preschoolers causes Philip Michaels to finally drop his thin veneer of civility. 2016.04.30S07.E26

Shark Tank Has What Is Basically The Weekend Parent's Idea Of A Good Time

From confusing and pointless magic shows to a jail for juiceboxes, the entire show revolves around products aimed at people for whom children are an occasional, messy evil. 2016.04.23S07.E25

Urine Trouble, Shark Tank

When the most compelling product pitched on your show requires users to collect their own pet urine samples, you know you're in for an episode distinctly lacking in thrills and chills. 2016.04.16S07.E24

Shark Tank's Phone-y Baloney

Two men pitch a product that does nothing, which sets them apart from most Shark Tank participants in that at least they're willing to admit it. 2016.04.09S07.E23

Vend-geance Is Mine On Shark Tank

If talk of cutting-edge vending machines thrills you, tonight's ep was made with you in mind. All five of you. 2016.03.19S07.E22

Shark Tank Sees The Light At The End Of The Toilet

Toilet lights, pepperoni-colored pajamas, cardboard cutout cats riding mechanical magic carpets -- you know, fairly run-of-the-mill stuff for our Shark Tank friends. 2016.03.12S07.E21

Shark Tank's Dark Tea Time Of The Soul

A lot of things can go wrong between coming up with an idea and getting someone to write a check for it, and tonight's pitches show just how many. 2016.02.27S07.E20

The Sharks Suffer From Premature Evaluation

Three Shark Tank pitches challenge Barbara, Lori, Robert and Kevin's understanding of what the people of today and tomorrow might want to spend their money on. Mark Cuban, however, is confident in his visionary investing prowess. 2016.02.20S07.E18

Nuttin' Honey

While the people making a honey substitute have no problem securing a deal with the Sharks, the same can't be said for other would-be wheeler-dealers appearing on this week's episode. 2016.02.13S07.E17

For Those About To Pitch Shark Tank, We Salute You

Who's ready for another military veteran-themed episode of Shark Tank? Last one of you to answer with sufficient enthusiasm hates America. 2016.02.06S07.E16

Shark Tank Blows A Lot Of Hot Air

There's a 'been there, done that' feel to a lot of what we see on this episode, but who best manages to turn something old into something sort-of new? 2016.01.30S07.E15

We'll Never Be Royals (On Shark Tank)

Everybody's like Uber, beard kings, apps fighting parking tickets, scholarships, baby scales, Lori with a gold crown -- we don't care, we aren't caught up in this show that aired. 2016.01.16S07.E14

Women On The Verge Of A Nervous Breakdown

Two entrepreneurs seemingly try to out-do each other in a Most Discombobulated Shark Tank Pitch Ever contest. The winner? You, America. 2016.01.09S07.E13

Your Pancake Sales Seem A Little Flat

Plus 'necktie behavior,' kitchen-fire safety, and extreme playgrounding on an odd-lot Tuesday Tank. 2016.01.06S07.E12

Kevin O'Leary Sees The Light On Shark Tank

The Grinchiest Shark of them all has his heart grow three sizes in this episode, as a semi-holiday-themed installment sees him finally striking some deals. 2015.12.12S07.E11

Taking Everyone For A Ride

The first segment of Shark Tank features the Sharks riding around in circles. It's a theme that continues throughout the night. 2015.12.05S07.E10

Shark Tank's Daymond John Is A Sucker For Socks

Was a Shark unduly swayed by a sob story into backing a business that he really should have stayed out of? Probably. Or maybe Daymond John is just really into socks. 2015.11.21S07.E09

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