Shark Tank

Red, Red Whine

Tonight on Shark Tank, the Sharks hear four perfectly reasonable pitches about four entirely sensible products from a series of reasonably well-adjusted entrepreneurs. Goddammit. 2014.12.06S06.E11

Not-So-Candid Camera

The guy who made a fortune off of GoPro joins the Sharks as a guest investor and just will not shut up about his little camera business. Which, given the quality of this week's pitches, is probably just as well. 2014.11.22S06.E10

Looking Out For Number Two

It may be the 100th episode of Shark Tank, but with a parade of products highlighted by a stool that lets you squat over toilets, tonight's episode feels like a lot of the usual crap. 2014.11.14S06.E09

Semper Fi-nance Me

For Veterans Day, the Sharks support the troops. But some troops are better supported than others. 2014.11.07S06.E08

The Song Remains So Lame

A supercharged karaoke machine is just one of many pitches that sounds off-key to the Sharks...and that's music to our hateful ears. 2014.11.01S06.E07

Jimmy Kimmel Wastes Everyone's Time

America's second-best late-night talk show host named Jimmy shows up to do a comedy bit. But some of the actual pitches on tonight's episode will make you laugh until you cry. 2014.10.25S06.E06


The future's so bright for one of the companies on this Shark Tank episode, it has to wear shades. Stupid, bleak future. 2014.10.18S06.E05

Let Them Eat Fake Cake

From prop cakes to wipes that disguise odors, this episode of Shark Tank has you covered when society inevitably crumbles. 2014.10.11

Never Work With Animals, Children, Or Ninjas

The Sharks ignore W.C. Fields's very sound advice and throw good money toward at least one of those hare-brained ideas. 2014.10.04S06.E03

There's No Crying In Golf

Unless you make a $500 putter and you're trying to convince a roomful of soft touches they need to invest in your pipe dream, that is. 2014.09.27S06.E02

Sock It To Me

Jump feet-first into a new season of Shark Tank with the most elaborate pair of socks ever designed by human hands. 2014.09.26S06.E01

Tanks For Nothing

What to watch and what to skip (doggie tuxes?) on the latest Shark Tank episode. 2013.09.30S05.E02

Swimming With The Sharks

What to watch and what to skip in the Shark Tank season premiere. 2013.09.23S05.E01


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