Shark Tank

Lori Is The Worst Of All The Shark Tank Sharks

Look, Lori Grenier is probably a very nice person who pays her fair share of taxes and doesn't have a basement full of hobo bodies. That doesn't mean you should want to do a deal with her -- a lesson two Shark Tank participants fail to heed. 2015.10.31S07.E06

Switch Witches Get Stitches On Shark Tank

Forget about the Grinch stealing Christmas. Some deluded entrepreneur wants to take away your Halloween candy, and only five brave Sharks can stop him. 2015.10.24S07.E05

A Petition Urges NBC To Revoke Its Invitation For Donald Trump To Host Saturday Night Live

We're looking at recent instances of TV wearing its Bad Idea Jeans in Lunch And A Show! 2015.10.19

Shark Tank Heeds The Call Of Dude-y

Everybody poops. And on this Shark Tank, three Bro-trepreneurs are hoping to cash in on that fact. 2015.10.17S07.E04

The Future's So Bleak, Mark Cuban's Gotta Wear Shades

When the most ingenious product featured on an episode is wax that keeps glasses from sliding down your nose, you know that Shark Tank has reached peak levels of useless crap. 2015.10.10S07.E03

Shark Tank's Barbara Corcoran Tells An Eyelash Expert Big Girls Don't Cry

It used to be if you wanted a deal from the Sharks, all you had to do was just add water in the form of tears. But Barbara Corcoran is tired of all these crying jags, making her history's Greatest Shark. 2015.10.03S07.E02

Kutch A Falling Star In The Shark Tank Premiere

Dude, where's my Bar(bara)? Replaced this week by guest Shark Ashton Kutcher -- who, unlike many of his motion pictures, is surprisingly not terrible. If only the same could be said for the products on offer. 2015.09.25S07.E01

Wheel Or No Deal

You don't have to reinvent the wheel to get on the season finale of Shark Tank, but it certainly helped one guy. 2015.05.16S06.E29

Shark Tankers, Assemble

Forget Earth's mightiest heroes -- someone turns the Sharks into action figures. And that's not even the weirdest thing done to the human body in this episode. 2015.05.09S06.E28

Sharks Don't Make Passes At Glass-Wearing Asses

Two hipsters show up on Shark Tank with a multi-million dollar valuation for a company still in pre-sales mode. Oh, this will go well. 2015.05.02S06.E27

Should You Double Down On Your Investment In Beyond The Tank?

We've got some catching up to do with the entrepreneurs who managed to walk away from Shark Tank with some cold hard cash in their pockets. But is this weekly Where Are They Now spinoff worth an investment of your time? 2015.05.01S01.E01

Shock-Absorbing Diamonds On The Soles Of Their Shoes

The biggest shock of this Shark Tank isn't the one absorbed by these dime-thin insoles, but rather that three of the pitches were actually sorta good. But oh, that fourth... 2015.04.25S06.E26

And The Wichita Lineman Is Still Fully Vested

I am a lineman for the county / And I drive the main road / Searching for a Shark Tank pitch that isn't oversold. 2015.04.18S06.E25

The Plush Life

Hey, who doesn't love plush toys? The Sharks, apparently. And after a pitch about plush toys that goes on forever and leads to nothing, you'll likely hate them, too. 2015.04.11S06.E24

All Bark, No Bite

Kids running businesses! Cuddly animals! Ridiculously over-valued companies! Yes, this Shark Tank episode truly has something for everybody. Well, except for deals for three of the four companies presenting. But, you know...details. 2015.03.21S06.E23

Jazz Hands

The Sharks hear from one entrepreneur who wants to put lights in your gloves and another who wants to print aphorisms on your ladies' underwear. One entrepreneur too many walks away with money. 2015.03.14S06.E22

No One Wants Robert Herjavec's Money

Oh, he can land himself a spot on Dancing With the Stars. But can Robert Herjavec convince any Shark Tank supplicants that his money is just as green as anyone else's? Not tonight he can't. And it is strangely glorious. 2015.03.07S06.E21

It's Not Called 'Sucker Tank'

Six seasons in, and only now is someone getting around to telling Lori and Daymond that maybe they shouldn't invest in a company if they don't know how it works. 2015.02.21S06.E20

There's Gold In Them Thar Hills

A guy tries to get a deal for his gold-panning kit, making us think we've stumbled upon a Shark Tank rerun from 1849. Then a lady shows up with a sports bra to remind us that it is most definitely 2015. 2015.02.14S06.E19

Triumphs Of A Man Called Zonk

Hey, if some Shark wants to hand over $50,000, Philip Michaels is perfectly willing to get saddled with a stupid nickname handed down by Kevin O'Leary, too. 2015.02.07S06.E18

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