Ask Shameless's Disgusting, Self-Absorbed Alcoholic

Frank Gallagher's got advice, but that doesn't mean you should take it. 2016.08.15

Which Emmy Nominations Are The Worst?

In a year of actually pretty decent Emmy nods, your editors debate which of the crappy ones is the crappiest. ...Oh hey Kev. 2016.07.15

Shameless Can't Wrap Season 6 Without Some Debbie Downerish Cliffhangers

At least one of the Gallaghers ends up in a river. 2016.04.04S06.E12

EHG Mini: Hush Now

Repeating Buffy The Vampire Slayer's "Hush" episode on other shows. 2016.03.31

The Gloves And Pants Come Off On Shameless

Shameless spends the season's penultimate episode doing what it does best: showcasing the very worst of humanity and catching people with their pants down. 2016.03.28S06.E11

Hope, Peace, And Love Don't Really Suit Shameless

Life as a Gallagher is looking shockingly pleasant for almost everybody. No way can this hold for more than an episode or two. 2016.03.20S06.E10

Pretty Sure Shameless's Commune Plot Was On The Andy Griffith Show Once

The Gallaghers are in an advanced state of turmoil, and they're sort of making decisions like grown-ass men and women. WTF. 2016.03.13S06.E09

From Attempted Murder To Podiatric Molestation, Shameless Hits A New Season 6 Low

And Angela Hamilton can't with any of it, but maybe least of all with Frank's cornrows. 2016.03.06S06.E08

Time To Get Nitpicky On Shameless

The Gallaghers have the house back, but Fiona's feeling more and more pushed out. Not that anyone should want to live in a house CRAWLING WITH HEAD LICE anyway. 2016.02.22S06.E07

All Right, Shameless, Now Let's Get In Formation

It's halftime on Shameless's sixth season, and we're wrapping up some storylines, including Lip and the Naughty Professor, and Carlz N the Hood. 2016.02.14S06.E06

It's A Gallagher Diaspora On Shameless

The Gallaghers get evicted, and Fiona seems to be the only one interested in keeping them together. Unlikely bright spots? Vee. And some Myanmarian child soldiers. 2016.02.07S06.E05

And That, My Shameless Friend, Is What They Call Foreclosure

Fiona needs to scramble to save the Gallaghers' home when they get foreclosed on, while everything else on Shameless is gross and offensive. 2016.01.31S06.E04

Shameless's Frank-Approved Pregnancy Is, By Definition, A Bad Pregnancy

Shameless may be all over the map, but Emmy Rossum nails it down. 2016.01.24S06.E03

It's #AbortionOrBust On Shameless

Listless Ian and doesn't-want-to-have-an-abortion Debbie are driving Fiona up a tree, and that's not even the last of her problems. Meanwhile: hipsters. Also: guns. 2016.01.17S06.E02

Shameless Returns With A Juvie Kind of Love

It's a new season with the Gallaghers, as Carl comes back from kiddie prison, Fiona continues boss-humping, and Debbie remains determined to keep her pregnancy a secret. 2016.01.10S06.E01

Watch A Trailer For Season 6 Of Shameless

Can't wait to pick up where we left off all the terrible stuff that happened in Season 5! 2015.11.20

Can Any Gallagher Actually Escape The Gallaghers?

With Ian on the lam, Fiona pondering making things permanent with Gus, and Deb trying to make a baby that'll let her mooch her way into Derek's family, how many Gallaghers are even going to see each other in Season 6? 2015.04.05S05.E12

Ian Goes Back To Basics On The Base

It's good that he's finally willing to accept help. But couldn't he be a little more selective about whom he's willing to take it from? 2015.03.29S05.E11

Ian And Mickey Star In Their Own Sequel To Punch-Drunk Love

Our young lovers' passions get violently inflamed, and Sammi gets even more awful. 2015.03.22S05.E10

How To Deal With Ian? Let's Bat Around Some Ideas!

Ian's med non-compliance causes problems just as Carl and Chuckie face sentencing on their drug charges -- so, in other words, it's another uplifting week for the Gallaghers. 2015.03.15S05.E09

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